The Age we live in at the moment is an Age having very Great Peculiarities compared to the past ages. And this Peculiarity has been unveiled to Our Planet in degrees beginning with the year 1900. Our Old World has entered during this Final Age into a Speedy Evolutionary Zone Together with all the Creation it lets live on itself.

While the Cosmic Energies showering Our World Develops the Conscious Human Being on the positive path, they, unfortunately, affect in the negative path certain Consciousnesses who could not yet exactly complete their Evolutions. For this very reason, while Our World exhibits a Tableau in which the Good and the Bad are experienced together, it also goes through its Last Judgment.

Our World which is on the Threshold of a Great Transformation is now changing its crust. However, together with this Changing time, the Humans, too, are Changing and as a result of these Changes Humanity Witnesses undesired events.

For this very reason, some of the Humans living on the World are going through an awareness chaos. The days we will live in the future will be much different than the present days. The mass Pains Felt by these Speedy Changes are investments made in to the GOLDEN AGE of the morrows.

This is a Period of Transition. During this Period, Great Awarenesses are taking place in Human Totalities. It is now expected of the Human Being who becomes Aware, to Love, to Respect, to Embrace Humanity by Transcending its Individual Consciousness.

This is a Unification Awareness. Because, Supreme Consciousnesses who Transcend their Individual Consciousnesses, who Share out their Love, who are not in the Consciousness of Discrimination and who can even Embrace their Enemies with Love will establish the World of the morrows.

The Human Being is a Universal potential, a Battery and an Energy Depot.

At the moment, all Humans living on Our World Influence each other from the close plane in the Positive or in the Negative direction by Horizontal and Vertical Energy reflections in accordance with their Evolution and Consciousness Levels.

Our Planet goes through Chaoses at the points where these Invisible Energy Networks intersect each other.

In case the Evolving Human Being Fortifies its positive reflections in proportion with its becoming Conscious, both Our World will go through less chaos, and Humanity will Deserve a happier life, since the intersections on these Energy Networks will also be less.

At the moment, Our World is a Universal school. And in this school every one is responsible for his/her Consciousness as a Free Soul, a Free Awareness. In this school there is no place ever for Imposition. From now on, every one is obliged to be His/Her Own Master and Guru by choosing his/her path himself/herself. This is a program.

Our World in no Period has ever felt the need for Peace, Friendship and Love this much as it does during this final age. Now, the Human Being who becomes Conscious Calls the entire Humanity to Peace – Friendship and Unification by claiming ownership of His/her World.

At the moment, there are People and various Establishments in Our Planet having positive Thought who share the same View. Every Living Entity that has come to the World definitely has a Mission. And every Living Entity Matures and gains Experience by completing his/her Deficiencies by the Experiences he/she goes through during his/her life span. And the Human Being who Matures contributes to his/her World by the things he/she does as a Genuine Human Being and becomes an example for Humanity.

Our World is not only a production farm. When you look through the Window of this farm to the outside world, you observe certain Unknowns and Limitless Horizons. However, if you close the doors and the windows of the farm and deal only with the issues you Know and Do, Your World becomes comprised of only that place.

For a person who has never left his/her village, the World is only the place where he/she Is, Lives and Observes. And the World of a cat living at home is only its Owner and the House it lives in. A Traveler Tours the entire World. Our Home where Every One of Us lives in is this very place.

In our Brotherly/Sisterly World the differences of Consciousness and View among brothers and sisters originate from the examples given above. Not Seeing a thing does not mean to consider it non-existent. And we are not obliged to Know an Unknown thing. However, we never have the Right, either, to deny a thing we do not Know, we do not See.

Best regards.

Bülent Çorak


(A Speech)

Our Friends,

All the Operations and Efforts made until this moment on this Universal Path we tread for years step by step are for all the Humans and for all Creation living on Our World. Now, it is the Right of the Human Being who has become Conscious to Know everything.

During this Special Age considered as a Mediamic Age, again the Sound of the Skies is reaching Our Planet. However now, these Celestial Suggestions Invite not only Our Planet, but the entire Ordinance of Cosmoses to Love – Respect – Tolerance – Peace and Unity. This is a Universal Call.

THE KNOWLEDGE BOOK is a Product of these very Calls. And it is a “Call to the Great Awakening” and a Book of Assistance for Humanity. Towards the end of Our 20. Century, very Great Movements both positively and negatively in both Terrestrial and Universal views in the entire World has began to be Seen.

Since the Cosmic Currents are received during this Period according to the Consciousness Levels, The Human has had the chance of Knowing the Human more closely. Our World Exhibiting a standard life Tableau until the years 1950, has begun to Change beginning with the 2. half of Our Century. In fact, this is a Universal Program and Movement.

We, who live under the Roof of the World are, as a Total, a Family . Every type of Action taking place within this Family will surely Influence everyone. Since certain Individuals within the Family who have no idea about this program taken into Effect as a Mass, can not find the old Peace under this Roof, they have entered into a Medium of Seeking and have began to look for Happiness in Different ways in accordance with their Consciousness Levels.

Meanwhile, besides a Young Generation exhausting itself on the path of Addiction, certain People who have made their Universal Progresses have begun to Hear and to Listen to the Sound of the Skies and to understand Universality. Our Celestial Friends, in this Transition medium, wish Us also to adopt the Reponsibility of Our Planet in a Conscious way besides requiring only Love – Peace – Unification and Brotherhood/ Sisterhood from the Humans.

In many sections of Our Planet, many Brothers/Sisters of Ours who are in Different Races and Cultures and who receive the Universal Messages of these Celestial Echoes take into Effect now, all together, the same slogans, thus, they Invite the Whole World Family to Brotherhood/Sisterhood – to Peace – to Unification.

By this means, we proceed towards a Globalization in Our Planet. Now, all together, we go through this Period. This is a newly Started Walk. However, it will become a Marathon in the morrows by Accelerating even more. And We believe that Our World will be a World in which happy people will live in future years. Be Happy, stay Happy.




This Age lived in is the Age of the Human Being who becomes Conscious. At the moment, in Your entire planet everyone who harmonizes with the Law of Service to People and to the Nature has Stepped into this Universal Path by Hearing the Voice of the Skies within themselves.

The New Age is now being taken into Effect as an Age of Intellect and Reason and it exhibits a Powerful and Conscious Human Image. Everyone who lives in the World is Brothers/Sisters. Each Entity who has come into Existence is worthy of Respect.

Religions are a Program of Training People. And now, the View of this Human who has been Trained is Universal, too. And the Universal View comprises the Total. At the moment, Our World, too, is becoming Conscious and Awakened and now it, too, wishes to End Suspicions, Tyrannies and Evil. This is a Transformation.

To live Happily is the most Natural Right of the Human Being, because he/she is Worthy of this.

During the awaited morrows, Boundaries will be removed, Arms will become history, Enmity and Wars will not take place, instead, there will be the Awareness of Brotherhood/Sisterhood, Love, Unity, Peace and Unification.

At the moment, All these operations made are Mortars laid in the Foundation of a Happy World which will come into Effect in the Morrows. And one day, the Human Being will create his/her own Paradise himself/herself.

Today, the words Love and Peace have become a Slogan of the Humans of the World. However, unless these words get out of Thoughts and penetrate into Essences, they can never, by any means, find an Application field in Our Planet.

At the moment, Our World is at the Eve of a Preparation Period. However, in case Humanity can Succeed in seeing Itself through the Eye of Allah, It will see the beauties It has Concealed within itself until today which it could not See even itself. Everything depends on the flow of time.


Fear is nothing but Primitiveness and Conditioning.


(A Speech)

In a time Segment which can not yet be Determined definitely, by the explosion formed due to the Cosmic Sun’s becoming Satiated with Energy during the passage of time, the Phenomenon called the (Big Bang) had occurred.

By this State the Atomic Whole had come into existence, the Ordinance of Cosmoses and Life had entered into Effect Anew and these days have been reached. I would like to explain this matter to you by an example :

Now, let us Presume a very Big Meteor Falling into a very Big Sea. The first Ring forming by the Speed of this Falling body Striking the water is Equivalent to the Power of that Rock.

This First Powerful Water Ring brings into existence Visible or Invisible Energy Rings the number of which is impossible to count, by bringing into Action the Atomic Nuclei within the water.

The Power of these Rings which are close to the Center is extremely intense. However, these Rings Expand by spreading out in waves and their Power decreases as they Expand. And later, they become Invisible and Unfelt. However, these Vibrations are Present even if they are not Felt and they Continue on their way.

However, these Invisible and Unfelt Waves strike such an Energy Wall after a time period that after that Striking Point they Return towards the Center again in Waves.

This Center is the Vortex the Big Bang had brought into existence during the Period it had exploded. However, This Energy Wall to which the final Ring had stroked is not the Final Boundary of every thing; there Are Unknowns beyond that, too.

Our World Has Been Feeling, since the moment it has come into existence, these Vibrations within these Energy Rings which the Eye does not See. However, the creation upon it does not Feel them. During these Unfelt Vibration Periods, Our World has lived a standard Life and the Progresses pertaining to Its Formation.

These Unfelt Waves have been Influential especially on Perceptions. The Augmentation of Perceptions, being always Equivalent with the Ratio of these Unfelt Vibrations by bringing into Action the Thought Vibrations, the Formation of the Human Consciousness of today has been reached.

In 1962, Our World has Felt as a Total, the Vibrations of a Photon Ring for the first time. This was the firs Jump of the World. Since this Energy Ring which was Felt carried the same frequency with the World, it perpetuated a standard Life until it came across with a second Ring in 1963.

Afterwards, Our World Constricted the Energy Rings by getting face to face with these Jumps every year. By the Constriction of the Rings the Energies intensified, and as a result, these Restrained days have been Reached.

This state of Our World had been Known a 1000 years before, even earlier, by the Celestial Authorities. And since those days, Kozmoz has taken into Effect many Operations on the path of saving the World which is its own Archive.

Kozmoz has announced to Humanity the phenomena the World would live as a result of these operations to be made as RESURRECTION through the Sacred Books.

Now, let us Return to Our World again. The Energy of Our World is Positive. However, the life upon it is both Positive and Negative. The World gathers the Negatives through the Magma since the Period of its first Existence.

However, life on its upper crust began to produce such Negatives in time periods that Kozmoz, observing that the Power of the World is Waning as time goes by, was obliged to apply to Humanity the Laws of Evolution, thus taking into Effect the Education Programs by the Sacred Books.

By this means, Our World went through 19 Cycles. You know that each Cycle is 26.000 years. In such a time period the Human Generation has not still been able to Catch the Scale that Kozmoz desires. If the Human Being had been able to catch this line, a Period called Resurrection would not have been relevant.

Our World is a worn out, old World. While it is being attracted at the moment by the intense Vortex Power of the Big Bang, due to the Power of intense Energy Rings into which it Enters, it becomes face to face with the Danger of being broken to peaces and with becoming nonexistent with the entire creation on it.

For this very reason, Kozmoz has taken into Effect a program called the 1900 Accelerated Evolution Program. This is the 20. century (during this Period, no one has been intervened for one century in accordance with the Law of Unintervention, everyone has been left free and all the Consciousness Data of Humanity has been registered, one by one).

According to the 1900 Accelerated Evolution Program, Kozmoz has transferred the Positive Essences who have made Consciousness Progress since the First Cycle until the 19. Cycle to Our Planet rather all in Female Bodies during this Final Age.

For, the Cosmic Energies which can not be attracted yet by Brain Power are attracted more Speedily through the monthly periods by the “Estrogen Hormone” present in the Female. In this program, first it was relevant to Prevent the World from Breaking to peaces by Reinforcing its Magma primarily by these Energies.

By this accelerated program, the Female has Reinforced the Potential of the Magma through the Cosmic Energies she has attracted every month. At the moment, the Magma has been Satiated with Energy. However, this Energy now is forcing the World’s Crust and takes into Effect the Period of Earthquakes.

During this Special Age, in all the Spiritual Operations made in every part of the World, the Female rate is ¾ and the Male rate is ¼. During this Period, the Female is a Direct in Missionary for this very reason.

After the year 1960, the Program of Attracting the Cosmic Energies through the Brain Power has come into Effect so that Humanity may become Conscious more speedily; thus, Galaxy Energies have begun to be transferred to Our World through Birth.

At the moment, Technological communication Means and Operations made on this path form an intensity in the Cosmic Energy Fields of the World and this intensity is cutting down the Speed of the World. Since this state causes slight shifts in the Magnetic Poles, Alterations in climates, too, are observed.

For this very reason, a Mass Awakening and Salvation Program is Applied on Our Planet. The Sacred Books use the Term Resurrection for these Troubled days the World lives. In fact, this Resurrection is actually Humanity Becoming Conscious and being Resurrected by rising on its feet.

However, there is a time period like 1.5 Billion Centuries for the Genuine Resurrection of the World (according to the given Information). This Final Age is called the Age of Transition and Salvation. The Knowledge Book has been given to Our Planet as a Book of Truth for this reason. All the Spiritual Operations constituted in Our World are Focal Points established for assisting Humanity on this treaded path of Truth. In fact, the Human Being is a Supreme Consciousness deserving all this assistance rendered.



(A Speech)

This Globe carrying the name Earth on which we live at the moment together with its Stones, its Earth and with all its Creation is a Dimension of Test. And it is an old World which now has lost its Power Materially, Spiritually and Naturally.

At the moment, the first and foremost responsibility of Humanity is to be able to Sustain it and to make Efforts for its Survival. Otherwise, during Time Periods, it faces the Danger of being destroyed Together with all the Creation upon it.

This is the very reason why first of all we are proceeding towards a Brotherly/Sisterly World Union and Totality. On this path, while each World citizen who becomes Conscious steps towards the Threshold of a Great Transformation, he/she begins to be responsible for both his/her World and His/her Nature, too. This is a Universal Movement.

Nothing has been left unattended in the Universal Totality and in the Ordinance of Cosmoses. For this reason, all operational Orders made in Our Planet from the Micro to the Macro and life depends on a Chain of Cause and Effect.

If we proceed from the Knowledge we have obtained from Our Celestial Books until today, we call this Power ALLAH which governs these operational Orders, which Orients Humanity, which Educates and which opens for Us the Unknown Horizons.

Now, the entire Universal Totality is being United Consciously on the path of O, that is the Supreme Power we call ALLAH. During this Transition Dimension, Our Planet, too, has been Included in this Unification Tableau.

The Purpose is to constitute a Human Totality. In fact, Our World is a Stage and We are entities who share the Roles befalling on us. Our Roles are not according to our wishes. We are obliged to Apply whatever Our World Programs are.

All the Operations made in Our Planet are investments made into the morrows. To live knowing only this is the Key to happiness. During the Period we live in, in Our entire Planet there are many Spiritual Operations and Focal Points trying to form the Awareness of Unification, Peace and Friendship.

These Focal Points have been Established by People who have been Awakened by the Cosmic Influences given from the 10. Dimension in the Beginning of the 20. century and especially during its Last Half. From then on, Humanity receiving these Influences has Treaded and is still Treading this Spiritual Path either Consciously, or Unconsciously.

During this Final Age, focal points Acting in Accordance with the same Purpose and Thought have gone through a Preparation Period until today. However now, the time has come for Humanity to Unite and to Serve the SINGLE.

For this reason, if everyone can Unite under the Light of the Operations he/she has made, Our World will gain many things. The Human Being who has been able to reach a macro Consciousness from a micro-organism, in fact, is a Chain of Laws all by himself/herself. And he/she is a Micro Model of a Universe.

However, as a result of the Right or Wrong steps each Entity has taken by taking the World under his/her Monopoly in accordance with his/her Individual Views, Our World has come to these Difficult Days it is going through.

The World is a Total. It belongs to Everyone of Us together with its Nature and all the Living Beings living on it, it is not under the Monopoly of anyone. Humanity, at the moment is on the Threshold of a Progress.

During this Period, not to have Evil Intention in the Operations made, Good Intention, Believing in an Issue from the Essence, to Merge with Love, not to Discriminate People and the Effort Made on this path will provide Our Planet to reach a Global Consciousness.

This is the Unchanging Rule of Success and the Future.

In case all our Brothers/Sisters who do not leave this Universal View and the Designed Path can Succeed in walking Together hand in hand, they will carry Our Planet to the happy Morrows, each as a Person of the World Government of the Future.

Now, the World is being awakened from its Deep sleep. The Humans of the World who can look at the Future with Realization, Awareness and Reason have Dedicated Themselves to Service In Accordance With their own Views by shouldering their Universal Missions on this path.

All the positive Operations made in Our Planet are the very product of these Consciousnesses. “The Awareness of the World Brotherhood Union” too has originated from this View.

At the moment, all the suffering Our World Lives in and Goes through originate from the Unequalness of the Distribution Squares.

However, the Increasement of our Brothers/Sisters who are beyond Advantage, who are Conscious and who will Consider Important Moral Values, will constitute the perfect Foundations of the Just World Government to be formed during the morrows.

These Conscious Operations the entire Humanity takes into Effect for the Benefit of Our Planet during the second half of our 20. century are the triumph of the Cosmic Influences.

The aim of these Influences is to prepare Humanity for the “Reality of Unified Humanity” and thus to provide its Evolution towards a Universal Consciousness. For this reason, we can Think of clearly at the moment that which we could not Think of at the first half of Our Century and We can Look at the Morrows with a more lucid awareness.

The World we live in now Goes Through quite an intensive Period. However, the Human Being of the morrows will live more happily than Us. Because now, We pay the Blood Money of Our World we have destroyed Unconsciously until today by Sowing Wonderful Seeds for the morrows.

Sprouting and becoming Green of these Wonderful Seeds is the Greatest and the Last hope of Humanity. Cooperation is Unity of Power. To proceed initially from this View will be the first step taken towards the Golden Age.

If we can carry all Together this Humanitarian Torch we have taken in Our Hands without Getting Bored, without Regarding it as a Burden, we presume that Our World may attain the happiness it has Deserved. To Succeed in this will be the Pride and the Honor of Humanity.





Many people in Your Planet who strive for life at the moment, exhibit still an Individual appearance by their Thoughts and Behavior. However, the Human Being of the morrows will consist of Evolved Entities who share the collective Consciousness. The Accelerated Evolution programs have been taken into Effect for this reason.

During this Final Age, even numerous people who have taken into Effect the Service they make presently by the Totality of the Heart in the Project of The Singleness of Allah – The Unity of the Universe, take into Effect this Universal Mission they render as a Satisfaction of their Heart.

For this very reason, today I would like to talk to You about the Human Being, that is, about ourselves. In fact, the Human Being is a silk skein very difficult to unwind. It is so difficult to understand him/her that maybe we, none of us, have Thought about this until today.

Even though the Human Being is a Universe, an Ocean, sometimes he/she is a minute Point in the Lock of his/her Consciousness. In fact, he/she is an Entity Foreign even to Himself/Herself. Since the Human Being has not Profoundly analyzed himself/herself until today, he/she enters the reflection Fields of Different Personalities, and projects Himself/Herself from a perspective which is not Him/Her.

For, in what ever way a Person Thinks, those who enter the Influence Field of that Magnetic Field are affected by the same Vibrations. For this reason, it is recommended that the Human Being should first be Integrated with Himself/Herself, later to Reconcile with Himself/Herself.

All the Sacred Books revealed to Our Planet until today are Celestial Suggestions taken into Effect to make the Human Being attain the Human Being. Personal conflicts are nothing but the clash of the Hidden Egos and the Jealousies of the Human Being even he/she does not know himself/herself.

Jealousy is nothing but the Bruise of the Shortcomings a Person observes in himself/herself. However, the way of utilization of this Feeling in different styles takes into Effect Different Egos.

Conflicts between Personalities are only a satisfaction of complexes. In an Evolved Entity there is no Conflict by any means. Touchiness and Soreness are the cry of an Ego Originating from its own Being’s inability to get the Upper Hand over Someone Else.

Your Hidden Ego never wishes to be defeated. It is a Power always wishing to See itself in the foreground. For this reason, it always lies in Ambush in the medium of Assault and Defense.

It Assaults a person whom it Considers weaker than itself, and when it Knocks against a Hard rock, it becomes more Agitated or becomes Submerged in the Sea of distress since it cannot Digest the defeat. This is the source of all disagreements.

The Human Being who tries to prove Himself/Herself to Himself/Herself will always Knock On the doors of unhappiness. And the Human Being who tries to Prove Himself/Herself to Others will exhibit His/Her Unevovednesses. The Unevolved Human Being always perpetuates his/her life through Feelings. Evolvement is a Phenomenon gained by a Person’s attaining Satiety for everything.

In order for a Person to be able to be happy, he/she should turn his/her Physical Body Glove Inside Out which is only possible by taking into Effect very long Evolutionary scales. This is called the Interior and the Exterior becoming the same.

In this Situation, the Philosophy of Yunus is Valid. Here, one neither is Unhappy for Poverty, nor Happy for Wealth. The Human Being who attains this Situation is, from then on, a Neutral Consciousness. The Rasping of the Negative and the Positive poles is dependent on the principle of the evolvement of a Person through a Person.

For this reason, first We should Evolve by becoming in Peace and Integrated with ourselves. Only later, we ascend the more advanced Evolutionary stairs with the Human Being. The positive Thought of a Consciousness who can Embrace his/her Enemy with Love, is his/her Gratitude to that Human Being who has rendered himself/herself Evolved.

During this Final Age, the Entire Humanity is obliged to Traverse these difficult Paths, one by one, in accordance with His/Her Consciousness Progresses and to Come face to face and to exchange greetings with his/her Genuine Personality. Only then will the Human Being know Himself/Herself.


Genuine Wise People are those who efface themselves from themselves by giving up seeking themselves.




Today, I would like to make You a special speech about Emotionality. In Universal and Evolutionary Dimensions Emotionality is Equivalent with the Evolvement Frequency. And Emotionality is accepted as a very constructive Positive Point in these Dimensions.

However, in the World Dimension Emotionality is a Negative point which should be Rasped. Emotionality in the World is Considered as an Incomplete personality and weakness. In the World life, Emotions are obliged to be Rasped for the safety of Our Physical Body.

In case an Entity Continuously thinks about an Entity who does not Foster good Feelings about himself/herself, since he/she will always be within that person’s Magnetic Field and Aura by his/her Thoughts, he/she will never experience his/her own self and will Always be unhappy.

This is a Program Experienced for everyone, in every matter. If an Immature fruit projects to You its Sour Taste and if You always Think about that Sour fruit, then there will always be an Astringency in your mouth.

The attraction Force of Thought, believe me, is a subject of Argument even in the Ordinance of Universes. In case You Think about a negative person, Your Positive Energy will always attract his/her Negative Energy and You will stop being Yourself and will Experience him/her in his/her aura.

All these are phenomena pertaining to Your Personality and Evolution Program. However, the Negative Energies attracted in the medium of Mission are Directly the program of the System. This program is connected to the Dimension of Purification and Service. These Energies do not Shake you, on the contrary, they Strengthen You.

In this Evolutionary Program Your intellect and reason will show you the most correct path, because they are Your Genuine Friends. In any negative situation you will encounter, if You send Love through Thought to the Entity across, without Turning Your back, without making a Barbed Allusion about, then Your Positive can never attract his/her Negatives.

For, a Negative can never enter into two Positive fields. And by this means, Your aura becomes more Powerful. Your First Positive is (Your Essence); Your Second Positive is (Your Thought). In order for Two Positives to be together, it is obligatory for Thoughts to be Always under Control in the face of events.

Love is Positive, Adverse Thoughts are Negative. For this reason, we say, “Embrace Your Enemy with Love” so that Your Life potential will be more Powerful, Your World will be happier. However, it is known that this, too, is a matter of Evolution and Dimension.

In case All Truths are Known clearly, then the Human Being can take into Effect his/her Evolution in a more Speedy way through Intellect and Reason. A person who has become a Book himself/herself does not any more need a Book. His/her Book is His/ Her Conscience – His/Her Intellect – His/Her Reason (Of course in the positive way).

Books are given to Humanity for assistance through Knowledge, however, the Lives of those who do not Apply these Knowledge to their Lives will always be Disappointment. During this final Age, everyone carries in his/her Hand the Sword of his/her own Destiny. To be Conscious about all these will make You attain many things.




(A Speech)

You know that in all my speeches until Today I have always mentioned the Past and Today. However now, I wish to prepare You for the Future and for the Morrows by explaining the Morrows, the Future and the Truth.

For this reason, I consider it a Mission to convey to You everything without changing them, exactly as they are. Because, to Know the Truth is the most natural Right of People.

As long as Humanity presently living in the Dimension of form takes shelter in the Shadow of Symbols and Names, it will never reach easily the Totalistic Consciousness OUR ALLAH Expects of Us.

Now, the Consciousness of a Total has been unveiled for Humanity. And the Human Being who is a Total Within the Total has gone through numerous Incarnations until today in order to be Able to Reach the Supremacy to be Able to Embrace everything good or evil with Love, thus, has made and still makes the effort for being able to ascend the Humanitarian Throne.

On the Evolutionary paths of Our Allah there are Mountain Ranges and difficult Passageways. While treading these paths, We are Tested in every Breath in order to reach the Genuine Consciousness Totality.

As I always say, the World is a Stage and all of us are each an individual who share the roles befalling on Us on this stage. When we observe our Lives from this perspective, we reach an easier and more Mature Consciousness.

Otherwise, if we are tossed about within the views of You and Me egotisms, it means that there are still many more paths to be treaded. Religious Doctrines are Celestial words preparing Us for Maturity and Excellence.

The time has come for Transcending himself/herself and to embrace the Universal Totality and the Unknown for the Human Being who has matured during time periods in the light of these words. Because, the Unknown Gates of the Skies are opened only for mature people.

The jinn and the Devil terminologies are a Test for Determining the Genuineness of the Human Consciousness. In the consideration of the Universal Totality, the Genuine Person is the one who can share the Consciousness of the Total and who can reach Eminence. If there is the Devil and the Jinn, then there must be something that OUR ALLAH Knows who has created them.

In fact, the Human Being is a Free Soul, a Free Awareness. However, the Human Being can never utilize this Supreme Consciousness he/she has and which is present within him/her until he/she attains the Genuine Human characteristics.

This is the very reason why Our Planet is a Dimension of Test. Now, Humanity is going through Its Final Cycle during this Period. For this reason, in the Life Tableau of Our Planet there is a very speedy Development and Transformation.

During this Final Age, the clashing Consciousnesses of the Awakening Humanity prepare Humanity for even more difficult days. Because, Perfection will be attained through experience.

All the authorities who have Served on the path of the Universal Totality in Our Planet until today are each a Solar Teacher. They bring the Lights of the morrows to the Human Being of the morrow in the framework of their Missions.

As long as these Solar Teachers guiding the Friends who are in the Focal Points Serving on this path comprehend the Supremacy of the Mission they render, they must not be in Contradiction with their Personalities and Behavior versus their Words.

The time has come now to answer Our Beloved Brothers and Sisters by their own Expressions who have assaulted the Knowledge Book and Us until today without knowing what the work we do on this path is.

While entering the Age of Knowledge, in a brochure which Unifies Humanity, which Mentions the Truths it says, “Evolvement does not fit into a Single Life, People are Born again and again in order to Evolve. The Spirit explores and tries to learn by utilizing the Human Body, the Laws of God which have been spread to the Entire Universe”.

“But this Knowledge can not be attained within a Single Life. Because, Knowledge is Infinite. The Human Being Ascends by attaining Knowledge and Experience every time he/she comes to the World, there is no Regression on this path”.

Yes, let us stop here. At the moment, each Entity who lives on the Planet Earth by attaining a Physical Body is a Human Being. That is, he/she has a Consciousness more advanced than his/her previous life Period.

All right, what is the Human Being? The Human Being is the one who can Reach the Supremacy of being able to share the Consciousness of a Total. We consider all Our Brothers and Sisters who Serve Humanity during the Transition Dimension of this Final Age as having Attained This Supreme Consciousness.

However, I ask now Our Friends who have deserved to become the Presidents of Universal Focal Points in Our Planet who still make discrimination between Humans – Aliens – Jinn – and the Devil;

I wonder if You have received Your Missions within this Transition Project in the Earth Planet on which you live at the moment? If you defend this thesis, I wonder why Our other Terrestrial Brothers/Sisters do not defend the thesises You defend? Why don’t they deal with the problems of the Future and of Humanity?

This is the most crucial point of the Evolutionary Knot. Why all the Information given from the same Source, all Projects which have found the application field from the same Source until today has not still been able to reach the expected Level?

Because, no matter how much a Person Evolves in Consciousness, unless he/she becomes Purified in the Essence, unless he/she breaks the Chains of Egotism, unless he/she breaths the Universal Breath of the Unification Spirit, Humanity will not be able to reach easily its Free and Wonderful World it presently yearns for and expects.

Now, I address all My Brothers and Sisters who consider Us as separate from the Human Totality by utilizing the Expression “Aliens” for Our Totality; Who are You? The World, too, is a part of the Space and all the Souls who exist presently and who will exist in Space, too, are a part of the Space.

The first Application of the Universal Totality Project has set its Seal on the Universes together with the first Entity. And now, this Project which has Developed and which has reached the perfect has waited until the time the Human factor would reach a Totalistic Consciousness by Transcending the Evolutionary Thresholds. At the moment, the time in which we live is that time.

If aIl of us use the expression ALLAH for that Supreme Power who Brought Us into Existence from His/Her Love and from Non-Existence, then, Humanity has now attained Terrestrial Bodies during This Period in order to undertake its Genuine Mission on His/Her path and under His/Her Consciousness Light. This is a matter of permission and this is the Application of a Universal Project.

How can Humanity which is Aware of the fact that even a Bird Can Not Fly without His/Her Permission not reach a Totalistic Consciousness He/She Expects of Us and how can they still consider the Missions rendered from a different perspective?

At the moment, everyone who Serves on the path of Universal Totality and the Focal Points working on this path talk about a Unification, Love, Tolerance, Mission and a Consciousness Totality in the speeches they make.

And when We extend Our Hands to Friends who are the voyagers of this path and call to them with the slogan, Come – Come – Come, We are always faced with the Walls of You – I and We are talked about as a deceived Community.

To hear these Words not from Friends who have not reached the Consciousness of the Truth, but from Friends who have attained Special positions in order to shed light on Humanity on the path of Humanitarianism distress Us extremely on behalf of Humanity.

I wonder if all the Evolutions made until today have bought Us to this Level of Consciousness? And I wonder if all the Suggestions which have shed Light on Us by Sacred Books in order to render Humanity Human have not made Us attain anything?

Now, I would like to convey to You here, exactly as it is, the Words of a Beloved Friend of Ours who Serves on the path of Universal Unification and Totality, as his own comments about us;

‘These people lacking in benevolence, letting malevolent influences reside in themselves by running after a black rope tangled around their necks have no place to hide.

They execute their tasks as Entities whose Hearts are Black – Whose Mouths are Black – Whose Hands are Black who Yearn for looking at the Light of the Truth’s Divine Light. And they fill their own pits themselves’.

Yes, this Friend of Ours speaks exactly like this. Neither ALLAH, nor Humanity would Forgive These Friends’ assaulting Us by ugly words who claim that they shed Light on Humanity by serving on this Path of Truth.

I wonder why All Of Us who Serve for the same Purpose, from the same SOURCE, through the same Path Display as if the paths were different and Hinder their Evolutions by Dragging Humanity into confusion?

Now, I again address Our friends who bring different Views to the work We have done; From Our Totality, from the mouth of which one of us a negative word towards You has been uttered until today? And About whom a bad Word has been said? Whom have we condemned? Whom have we trampled?

We have extended our Brotherly/Sisterly hands to everyone. We have said, Come, let us become Brothers/Sisters, Come, let us become Confidants, Come, let us be in Peace and let us Unite. We have never pushed away any of the Hands extended towards Us until today.

If this path We follow is a Negative path for them and if the path the Friends who assault Us tread is the path of ALLAH, The Human Being who realizes the Truth will, one day, Choose his/her Genuine path himself/herself.

We have kept our silence until today. But now, the time has come for saying the Final Words. Now, it is Our Turn. Not to answer Immediately these words uttered and to be Silent is not Cowardice, is not a Weakness, it is Maturity.

While Serving on the Genuine path, there is never Running in Front. There is Awaiting with Patience for the Maturing of time. This is the very reason why it is said, (Time Carried Tranquilly is Time Ready).

It is Our Greatest Yearning to observe Our Friends who teach the ways of Spiritual Exaltation to Humanity apply these Spiritual Values to their lives and to see these Values in their personalities as well.

It is Our Purest Wish that Our Friends who say, “We should be one in Thought, one in the Essence. Because, the World is now handed over to the Awareness, Consciousness and the Conscience of the Human Being” should now settle these wonderful Words into their Essences and grasp the Unity and Totality Consciousness, thus, to Appropriate to themselves the slogan, Respect for the Human Being is Respect for Allah.

Now, our ears wish to Hear Words suitable to the Consciousness and the Name of the medium they render Mission from the mouths of Our Friends who Serve in the medium of Spirit and Love, who have Appropriated to themselves the Mission Consciousness and who are in the Position of being Leaders.

We do not wish any more to hear Loveless Words from the Tongues of Our Friends who talk of Love in every opportunity. And now, we wish to See Lights suitable for the Genuine Humans from all Our Brothers/Sisters who act by Universal Consciousness and who give Service on this path.

Now, we expect to See the Transparent Faces, having become one and the same on the Inside and the Outside, of Our Friends who have undertaken the Leadership Mission; and to gain the time lost on the path of Genuine Light by annihilating Together the hindrances instead of placing those hindrances for each other.

Let us Repeat again, the Genuine Human Being is the one who can share a Totalistic Consciousness. For this reason, Yunus and Mevlana are Personalities who have been presented to Humanity as Examples. In case the Human Being who lives within the Total can not reach this Totality Consciousness, he/she is doomed to remain as a Half Person.

Now, We would like to see as a Total with their Human Power Our Wonderful People who have reached a Powerful Consciousness Totality until today by Evolving on the path of Our Allah. Consciousnesses who can enter the Influence Field of every Word Uttered will never be the Human Being the Morrows Expect.

Humanity must now Transcend Its Personal Consciousness. At the moment, Our Planet is in such an Energy Whirlpool that while these Energies Reinforce each Individual regarding the Physical Body, they, at the same time, Prepare Humanity for the Advanced Consciousness of the Morrows.

At the moment, Our World is Educated and Purified from every view point by these Influences. Now, to spend time on private Sessions is a loss of time for Humanity. Because now, Humanity has opened its wings towards the perfect and the Unknowns in a One-Way path.

Now, on the Universal paths the Genuine Human Beings will tread, one will Stop at Stops no one has known, and Knock at the Doors not Knocked until today. We had been Raw until today – We have been Cooked – We have become Ablaze. From now on, we will leave Crawling and Get Up on our feet – We will Walk – We will Run and We will Reach.

Our Lord has been Helping Us up until these days, and is now still helping by preparing Us for more Advanced Plans. The path we tread is a path of Light – Tranquility – Love – Peace – Brotherhood/Sisterhood – Happiness and Humanity. Because, whom Unifies is within the Total. One day, the entire Humanity will Unify Consciously on this path.




(An Explanation)

At the moment, Our World is an Appealing World Wonderful to live in, in spite of All the Difficulties gone through. However, the sleep of the World People is quite heavy; awakening from this sleep easily and to get rid of the Languishness they Indulge in is very difficult.

Human Consciousnesses are Subject to an Ordinance of Graduation. And for this reason, Suspicions within Thoughts, Fear and Negativities can by no means Speed up the Wheel of the Truth already Turning Slowly. However, when We Rasp Our Negative Thoughts by our Universal Consciousness, I believe that this Wheel of the Truth will be Turned more easily.

Our World is now opening its gates to new Horizons. We are, at the moment, a Brotherhood/Sisterhood Staff trying to Constitute and Introduce the Unification Awareness to Our World. Negativities Observed in the World presently are a Signal of a Transformation entering into Effect.

As I always say, Perfections always come out of the experienced Chaoses. Chaoses are the Sparks Kindling the Wick of the Candle. The Measure of Perfection is always Measured by Making the two one. One can not Swim with a Single Arm, One can not Walk with a Single Foot, one can not Fly with a Single Wing and by a Single Terrestrial Intellect one can not Arrive anywhere.

Reaching Universality is for this reason obligatory for Perfection. Chaoses are experienced for this reason. We have to utilize both Our Arms not to be Drowned in the Sea in which We have fallen. And to run away from danger there is the need for Our Two Feet.

Events We go through in the World Rasp Our Terrestrial Views and help Us to Observe the experienced events from a different window. And by this means, by Unifying Our Intellect and Reason, we Develop and Attain the ability to be able to bring a Universal View to what we experience.

In fact, this program has been in Effect for Centuries. However, for the formation of the Human Consciousness a Period has been Recognized. This Period comprises a time span up to the year 2000.

The Morrows will attain Value being taken into Effect according to the positive Views of Humanity. The Genuine Human Being is the one who could arrive at the Supremacy of being able to share a mutual Consciousness. And the treaded path is the Path of Humanity.





In this article of mine, I would like to Chat with You and to share My Natural Feelings a little on a matter You, too, require a lot.

In this Period in which We live, the World’s attitude and the View of Humanity is in Inverse proportion with the advancement of Civilization and Technology. Because, Humanity now Loses much from Its Naturalness and Human Virtues, thus, becomes like Robots.

During this Final Age, to Humanity which has forgotten Loving and Forgiving, the Human Virtues hiding in the Subconscious are tried to be brought to the Awareness by Talking about Peace – Brotherhood/Sisterhood – Love and Humanity in every opportunity.

The Essence Characteristic of the Genuine Human Being is his/her Loving the Animals and the Nature. This is an Evolutionary line separating the Human from the Human. The World is not a Place Peculiar only to the Human Beings.

The Genuine Owners of Nature are Vegetations, Forests, Animals, Birds, Fish, in short, all Living Beings. They are the real Inheritors of the World.

The Human Being by Violating their Rights, afterwards had restricted Their living areas and had caused and still causing the annihilation of numerous Species.

The Evolution of the Human Being first begins in the Family. The Child is a pure Fountain. In order for an Entity to become adapted to the World and to Integrate with Nature, he/she is left outside the Influences until three years of age.

The Child receives his/her first Education Visually. Behavior within the Family, the Family’s View point about Human Beings, Nature and Animals forms the Basic Personality of the Child.

At the moment, there are numerous stray Animals in the streets whose behaviour could be a Role Model to many People. They cannot complain like Human Beings and cannot explain their Situation to Us.

They are Genuine Friends and magnificent Entities giving nothing but Love and Happiness to Human beings, not Begrudging their gratitude for a piece of food, being more Human than Humans.

I wonder how many people could See that innocent – Tired – Weary Spiritual Glitter in the Eyes of the street Dogs? I wonder how many people could Integrate with a Flower by Talking with it. If You own these Virtues, You are a Superhuman entity.

There are many People who complain that the window sills are getting dirty for giving grain to the Birds, who poison Pigeons for dirtying Public Squares and who do not take even an Animal to their Homes from the Street so that their Comfort will not be impaired.

Meanwhile, all those who throw Stones at Dogs, who Kick the Cats, who Shoot the Birds and who Collect and kill the street Animals, are in My Opinion nothing but Maquettes appearing in Human form. For, in my view, Human Being is so Valuable he/she would never do such a thing.

In fact, we should not be angry with them. Because, the Problem is in their Genes and in their Family Cultures. No one can reach these veiled Essences. In time periods, in the Morrows in which Degenerated Genes will be Transformed into Noble Genes, these Pains will no more be Experienced.

To Adopt the Responsibility of a Living Being is the Essence Virtue of that Person. In this Period of Settling Old Scores, now, the time has come for the Humans to Ask Forgiveness for the Injustice done to Them until today by adopting the Responsibility of the Forlorn street Animals.

Everything ALLAH has brought into existence is Sacred. However, the Sacredness of the Human Being is not in his/her Religious Education, but is in his/her Essence Morality.





In this article of mine I would like to unfold a little more and share with You the Concepts of Love, Conscience and Compassion You All Know.

We know that the Human being completes his/her Evolution by the Deterrent Lessons he/she has attained through experience. Evolution is the Single Key opening the Gate of Conscience.

As a Person Evolves, his/her Conscience also becomes Subtle. Then, trampling down a grass while walking and even Picking up a Flower hurts His/her Conscience.

The concept of Compassion is present only in Subtle Consciences. Do not ever Confuse Love with Compassion. It does not mean that each Loving Person also has the Feeling of compassion.

In Consciences not having reached yet Subtlety by Evolving, there is no Feeling of compassion, but there is the Feeling of Love.

In All forms of Love excluding the Love of a Mother, Animals and Nature there is Selfishness and Self-Interest in accordance with Evolutions. The most Subtle Step of Love is to extend a helping Hand to a Person.

However, even in this assistance rendered the Subconscious is always in Effect. In here, even if You are not aware of it, the Satisfaction of Your Essence and as a result, the Feeling of receiving bonus from ALLAH is of primary importance. That is, again there Is Self-Interest.

In fact, even Giving a Present to a Person is for Satisfying Yourselves. This is nothing but exploiting the Love of the other person. Genuine Love comes succeeding the Subtle Conscience. The Love former to it is the Love of the Self and of Self-Interest.

What is Subtle Conscience? Let us first explain This; Here, there is no Expectation or Ego by any means. These Consciences are Aching Consciences. From there, only Cries of mercy are heard. Here, Genuine Love is of secondary importance. Because, in each Love there is a feeling of satisfaction.

The Only factor distinguishing People from each other are these subtle Feelings. In those who have no Mercy, that is, in those whose Conscience has not become Subtle, the Feeling of Selfishness is Dominant.

This Feeling is always Connected to the Frequency of Mercilessness and as Consciences Harden, these Feelings Increase Exponentially. Negativities observed in all Societies originate from this.

Evolutionary Laws and Sacred Books have been taken into Effect for this reason. The first Law of Evolution is to Love the Human Being. And this only comes through Love for Animals.

The one who does not Love an Animal from the Essence, is not considered a Genuine Person by any means and, in fact, that Entity cannot love through his/her Essence the Human Being, either. For this reason, it has been said, “The Genuine Human is the one who Loves Animals”.

This is the very reason why We are Here and to Humanity which does not Love Animals, we first teach how to Love Animals and then how to adopt Responsibility for them. Only after this Boundary the Human Being proceeds on the path by Completing his/her Evolution with the Human Being and thus resolves his/her Personality issues.

In this Final Age, the Fate of everyone has been given to his/her Own hand. The entire Humanity reaching a Subtle Conscience is my greatest Wish.


If purification does not take place in the Essence, then it will not take place in the Eye or in the Word either.


Today Your entire Body and Cells will speak with you. The One Who Speaks: (Is everybody’s Own Physical Body and Cells who reads this message)..

My Soul Friend,

Would you believe me if I tell you that I am Your closest and Only Friend since the day You were Sown to the Terrestrial Field of Your Mother? You know that we breathed the first Breath in the World Together. And we got to know the World together.

Until today, YOU and I Shared everything Together as the closest two Friends and as a Total and lived Our Childhood Together.

When I Fell down while playing, You, too, have Felt the pain I had Together with Me, You Cried and Shared with Me. Because, then We were a Total and, then You had not yet Abandoned Me.

When You became Adolescent, Your Heart shifted to Love and to the World. It was as if You were Observing the World for the first time Outside Your childish Eyes. Everything seemed Attractive to You and You began to develop an Interest in everything.

The first cigarette you smoked, killed three of My Lung Cells at that moment, I wonder if You Know this? The first drink you drank first paralyzed My Thought Cells before My Brain Cells and in time decreased their Ability and Power.

As most of the food you ate with great appetite and pleasure were overnourishing anf fattening My Cells, you never heard the cries for help from the Blood flowing in Our Veins.

For, by then You had become intoxicated with the World. And by then You had forgotten ME who carries YOU, that is, Your Body and all Your Organs. You have not Come to this World for pleasure, You came for a Mission. Your first Mission is to Exalt Your Spirit by the Experiences You attain.

Do not forget that if I am annihilated, then You return to the place from which You had Come without performing Your Mission. My Mission is to carry YOU on my back until You complete Your Mission.

From time to time, to prevent Your Mad Way of Carrying on and for making You Remember Me, although I did not wish to do so, I made You Hear the cries of my organs the pain of which I was feeling.

Your World had become such an unrenounceable Passion for You that You were seized by the fear of Death, You did not want to leave Your world, You went to the Doctor, you took medicine, You Tried numerous Different remedies and at the end You got well.

Very naturally you will go to the doctor, you will take your medicine, they are Your life reinforcements. However, you will never be able to understand that which made you well were My Morale Tablets.

After you got well, Again you submerged in your old Interests. I am not angry with You for Exhausting me by Your Pleasures, Ambitions and Unconscious Distresses, I forgive You.

However, I have Carried YOU within Me with Love until today without complaining. But I am very tired now. And, from now on, YOU within me are obliged to Carry ME. Forgive Me for being a burden for You, I would not wish it to be so.

Now, I leave You together with the Smokes of Your Cigarette, with Your Drinks in the Goblet and Your Passions of the World. Until Someone in the Morrows Considers You Worthy of Carrying again.




The Tableau of Friendship, Peace, Brotherhood/Sisterhood and a Happy World life the World history has been Imagining for Centuries, has begun, even if slowly, and to Sow its Seeds parallel to the Consciousness level of the World People. And now, the World is going through its Age of Puberty.

Every Period has a life Tableau peculiar to itself. All the Sacred Books conveyed to Us until today are the Celestial Doctrines presenting Us the perfection OUR ALLAH Expects from Humanity.

Humanity has been able to Succeed until today, in catching a standard life of a Social Order by Disciplining the Negative seeds within itself in proportion with its Respect and Love towards ALLAH.

All the Sacred Books have a Single Purpose. And that is to be able to Convey the entire Humanity to a Celestial Evolution. However, the Universal View of a Person to be unveiled from the Consciousness of the 3. Dimension towards the infinite, comprises Different interpretations in accordance with Understandings and Consciousnesses.

Theories leave their place in time to Scientific proofs. For this reason, we do not have the Right to deny and to deface something which we are not yet Able to Understand and which we can not Comprehend.

Universality is a project and a program unveiling layer by layer in accordance with each Consciousness Level. That is never a Philosophical View. The Genuine Universality is a Celestial Evolution and Application.

THE KNOWLEDGE BOOK which will carry to the World platform a mutual Brotherhood/Sisterhood in each Religion today and in the morrows is Addressing Our Planet from Dimensions the Consciousness level of the World People has not reached yet.

For this reason, We consider very Natural the attitudes of Humanity, denying each Novelty until today, has assumed towards the Knowledge Book at the moment. Because, in every Period this has happened thus.

Again we as a Totality accept by Great Tolerance the wrong Considerations and the Intentional Assaults rendered in Opposition to Us until today and all of us love everybody very much. Because, we are all Brothers and Sisters.

For Us, every Human is a Light and a Divine Light from Allah. Respect for the Human Being is Respect for Allah. Love for the Human Being is Love for Allah. This is a Universal Slogan of Ours.




All Humans know that the World is a Dimension very delightful to live in. However, unfortunately, none of the Delights experienced in Here is eternal. In fact, the World has a Deceptive Magnetic Field. The attraction Power of this Magnetic Field is so Powerful that No one can easily escape from Its Vortex.

This is a Trap and at the End of this game of Chess there is always a Checkmate of the King. The Human Being can Escape slowly from This Powerful Trap of the World in the Passage of time only by the Deterrent Lessons he/she will attain by experience according to his/her Levels of Consciousness.

All Disappointments experienced are Labor Pains conveying People to a higher Consciousness. The Frustrations and the Pains a Person goes through Convey him/her to quite Different Thought Dimensions.

Dimensions of Thought are Layer by Layer. Whatever You Think according to Your Personality, you attract that. However, no Thought is Eternal, either. Because, Thought is the Only factor to elevate You to the Unknown Dimensions.

The World life is Subject to the Universal Laws and a Constitution. Here, the Law of Nature is Valid. In this program, the Big always Overpowers the Little. If the Little can not escape from its State of being Oppressed by becoming Powerful, it is doomed to be annihilated.

Kozmoz does not consent to the annihilation of anything. Because, even the minutest Energy is the Breath of the Cosmos. For this reason, for Overcoming the personality Weakness, for the Strengthening of a Consciousness the Reincarnation and the Karma programs have been taken into Effect.

The Karma programs are a program of Spiritual Liability and Reconciliation. According to Universal Laws, an Entity who was Powerful once may be programmed as a Servant and Slave in another Period to the Entity whom he/she had oppressed in a certain Period. And thus, Spiritual Liability is fulfilled, Karmas are Completed and the Evolutionary stairs are ascended by this means.

None of Us has Attained Our Consciousness and Our Personality of This moment during this Life period of Ours. The Differences of View among People is a matter pertaining to the abundance or the scarcity of the Reincarnation Rings.

The Knowledge of Reincarnation is a Universal program unveiled parallel to the Consciousness Levels of Entities. Only those who can Cross over that Boundary understand and Accept Reincarnation. Everything experienced, every Breath we breath is Dependant on a Program. Knowing this Knowledge Integrates a Person with his/her World. And renders his/her life easier.




In the 20th century project we have gone through many Spiritual Focal Points have been constituted trying to Increase the Awareness of Unification, Peace and Friendship on Our Planet.

For, Our World is not the old sleeping World any more. And in every field we proceed towards a Global Integration.

Our Planet left in its own Evolutionary Dimension until today has now received the permission to Exchange Greetings with Kozmoz. Everything experinced until this Final Age is a Celestial Process. And everything is a phenomenon pertaining to the Evolution of Energy.

The Human Being Imprisoned within a Dimension of Test until today has learned how to walk by breaking his/her crust by the Divine Suggestions. And now, he/she will learn how to Fly. The very tableau of this Final Age designs this Reality for Us.

A perfect World Government to be established during the Morrows by the assistance of Friends who have attained a certain Consciousness Light will be a Flowery World Without Wars, Without Arms, full of Love and Happiness.

However, in order to constitute such a medium, first the Human Being must be taken in hand.

The Purpose and the Service of all the Spiritual Focal Points established in Our World at the moment is this. That is, the Human Being. Spiritual Education is a must for the World Order as much as the Terrestrial Education is a must for the Human Being for his/her Success in his/her Social Life.

Good intention is present in every Essence. However, unless it is brought up to the Consciousness, no result will be received from either Social life, or from Universal Integration.

The Human Being is a Total as Matter and Spirit. However, if he/she remains only in Spirit, he/she can not make his/her Evolution; if he/she remains only in Matter, he/she can not make his/her Progress.

The Cosmic Currents characteristic of this Final Age are given to Unify both Totalities, that is, the Spirit and the Matter. This state called in Sufism the Becoming One of the Inside and the Outside is a Circular Evolvement.

In here, the Human Being will first Merge with himself/herself, then will Socialize by Merging with society and only then will he/she say Hello to Kozmoz.

For this very reason, all the spiritual Focal Points in Our World are in such an Operational Network. The Aim is first the Human Being, then the World, and then Kozmoz.

At the moment, while a Chaos is experienced in Our World by Different Consciousnesses’ being reflected on each other, also the Evolutionary Steps are climbed, one by one, Silently and Profoundly.

The Human Being has always been the Evolutionary Steps of other Humans through the entire positive and the negative events experienced in the World Platform.

Our World is an Atomic Nucleus within many Magnetic Fields. And there are many Spiritual Focal Points at this moment in Our World having dedicated themselves to the Law of Service to People and to the Single. They are Universal Staffs.

You, We and Those who Think like Us are the essential Members of these staffs. And they have set on the path in order to shed Light on the morrows on the path of Helping One Another, Peace and Love by the Unification Awareness coming from their Essences.

However, we are at the very beginning of everything yet and everyone is obliged to take into Effect his/her Collective Consciousness by releasing Individuality in this Universal Service he/she will render on the path of Humanity.

All Friends’ who’s Purpose is Mission in these Universal Staffs, considering the Services they make as not to satisfy themselves but as a need coming from the Essence, by releasing the Attraction of the World and the Personality Problems will make Our World attain many things.

One day, if Humanity can consider everything with Tolerance, Patience, and Love and can consider even his/her Enemy as a Friend, the Peaceful days everybody misses will Come and the World State where happy People will Live will be Established.

The Expected Morrows are not far away in case all Spiritual Reflecting Focal Points Aiming at Mission by this belief Focus around the same Purpose. All the Efforts made today are for the Human being and for Humanity.


There can never be Peace of Mind in mediums where Matter gets the upper hand over Spirituality.

There is Infinite Happiness in the medium of Purification.



(A Speech)

I would like to begin my speech first with the Micro Energy. In the Tranquility Dimensions where Times, Years and nothing had been present, where Silences Reigned, a Potential had come into existence which had been formed by itself in Unknown Time Periods.

This very Potential which had come into existence is the Micro Energy. (According to the Information received later, in fact, this Potential had not been formed by itself; it had been brought into existence). This Micro Energy has brought into existence Different material Intensities by going through numerous Transformations in Time Periods and by reaching the crude matter form it has brought into existence the Ordinance of Cosmoses.

By following this Formation Chain, the Human Being, too, who is a part of Nature, could reach the Human form of today by going through numerous Phases until it had come to the most Perfect from the most Primitive. And this is a mutation.

The final Evolutionary boundary of this Micro Energy is the Human Being. The Physical Body Total of the Human Being, that is, its Biological structure Exhibits an operational function Equivalent to the functioning of the Atomic Totality’s Structure of the Ordinance of Cosmoses. For this very reason, each Human Being is a Cosmos.

The entire Secret of the Universes is the Human being. The one who Solves the Human Being (that is, who Solves his/her own self), Solves the Secret of the Cosmos, too. In a record of coming from the Micro to the Macro, in Totalities within the Totality coming from the same Energy root, the relationship of the “Human, the Universe and the Nature” are Integrated Basically and in Essence by this means.

The Human Being is a Total coming into existence from a Single Energy Spark. The Period we are in at the moment is the Period of becoming Aware and Conscious of this Micro Energy, and this is the Human Being. This is a Mass Resurrection.

Everything always proceeds towards the most Wonderful and the most Perfect during the passage of time. This Human Totality and Potentiality which the Sacred Books say has been created from Mud and Sacred Light, in fact is an Evolutionary and an Educational Energy.

The Human Potential Coming into Existence from the Point of Existence the Details of which I do not wish to embark upon at the moment has completed its Evolution maybe in billions of centuries until it has arrived its Consciousness form of this moment.

Being Born anew which We call Reincarnation causes the Human Potential to attain the Right for Life in Our Planet which is the Dimension of Veiled Awareness or in other planets in Different time Periods. However, Your Consciousness Diskette registers into Your Brain Archive Your Life in the preceding Period and locks it up.

In Your next Incarnation, even though this Archive is present in Your Brain Diskette, you Remember nothing. However, in zero kilometer from that Consciousness Level, you Step forward towards a new life in order to Open towards the Horizons of a New Life and Consciousness without Remembering anything. This is the reason why it is said, “Everything is present in You”.

The moment Your Consciousness Evolution Light fits with the Light of the Time you are in, Your Lotus unfolds. And you begin to Spread Your Consciousness Light in your medium. Evolution is necessary for the Human Being for him/her to catch the Time Light of the Universes by that Consciousness Light. The Maintenance of Your Existence is possible by this means. You become aware of the Secrets of the Universes by this means.

There is no Stop anywhere. A Gate of Light is Opened after each step taken forward. Infinity is the spot where infinities are lost within infinities. Nothing comes into Existence from Nonexistence and that which is Existent does not become Nonexistent. For this reason, everything is Immortal according to its own awareness Level.

However, the Eternal life of the Immortal Human Being Continues in Our Planet until it reaches the Truth of the Eternal Consciousness and the Human Potential I mentioned above is Educated in a program of Evolutionary Living until it reaches this Peak.

To the questions, “I wonder how everything and the Totality we have said until today came into existence Naturally renders this Evolutionary Education and who are those who Apply this program and do they exist?” the answer has been given until today with a Single word and this Infinite Power has been called ALLAH.

All Our Sacred Books having Announced the Truths to Us until today partially even if not in all clarity have shed Light on Us and on the Future and have helped Us to advance in Our Consciousness Progresses.

However now, the time has come to Unveil and to Convey all the Truths exactly as they are to Humanity which has been able to catch the Consciousness Light. For, the Human Consciousness of this moment has now reached a Stage where it can grasp quite a number of Truths. This Explanation is a Program of Progress of this Final Transition Age.

All Sacred Books have mentioned these days as Resurrection in quite former centuries. The Resurrection Phenomenon is completely different than the Style We have formed in Our Thoughts until today.

Humanity has accepted the Resurrection Phenomenon exactly as it is told in the Sacred Books and thus could not solve the Metaphoric Interpretations within those words. Let us give a few small examples for this.

We know that to Resurrect is the Awakening and the Rising of a Person. If this Resurrection is Considered as the Rising of the dead, We, each of us are Dead with Our sleeping Consciousnesses any way. Resurrection, in fact, is the Awakening of Consciousnesses and the Comprehension of the Truths.

Moving of the Mountains mentioned in the Koran symbolizes this Truth. In fact, each Person is a Supreme Mountain in accordance with his/her level of Consciousness. During this Final Period, the awakened Human being treads this path Consciously.

And the case of the Mountains, Hills and the Seas Becoming One is; the word Mountains in here is the Supremacies many of us will not be able to reach and the Hills (that is, the Humanity of today) trying to be able to reach this Supremacy, and the Seas are the Divine Friends who have Succeeded in being able to Integrate with the Divine Totalities by swimming in the Sea of Reproach.

That is, from now on, during this Transition Period, all of them will be Considered on a Line on the Same Level and no one will be Considered more Supreme than or Superior to anyone else and everybody will be ONE in Terrestrial Views and in Universal Totalities. Because, everybody is a Human Being.

Even if the Human Being does not Know himself/herself, he/she is a very Supreme Entity and a very Supreme Consciousness. Because, He/She has come into existence from the Energy of that Supreme Power. For this reason, first the Human Being should have Respect for himself/herself.

Insult rendered towards the Human Being is (Insult rendered to HIM/HER). Love and Respect for the Human Being is Love and Respect for ALLAH. Only the Realization of the Truth may make You attain this Consciousness. The Period we live in at the moment is such a Period.

Our Planet is going through a Mediamic Period. And now, everybody can receive the Information Scattered from the Unveiled Skies easily in accordance with their Levels of Consciousness either through their Perception Channels, or through their Knowledge Channels.

By this means, Our World will in the future Unify in a Totality of Brotherhood/Sisterhood and Love. However, at the moment, Our Planet is going through its Resurrection Silently and Profoundly without being aware of it. For, the life Tableau of our medium indicates Us this.

Our Sacred Books have announced to Us Centuries ago as Resurrection these days of Our World which is subject to a Transition Program which is up to the year 2000 and will continue afterwards.

There are numerous Terrestrial brothers/sisters of us who are not yet aware of this Period which is experienced. These Brothers/Sisters of Ours, too, who are in Our World which has been subjected to a Tempest of Cosmic Influences will render Consciousness Progress in future years and in the duration of a short time.

For, at the End of each Cycle, everybody living in Our Planet is obliged to make a certain Consciousness Progress for a mass Salvation.

If again we ask to ourselves, who are those who Announce these Information to Us? Where is the source of the Sacred Books? What and who are present beyond them?

Let's repeat once more, the answers of all these questions have been locked up by the word ALLAH in accordance with Our Terrestrial Consciousness level of that period.

I wonder if Human Life in Our World which comprises a place less than a tiny dot in the entire Ordinance of Cosmoses is present only in Our Planet.

Why does this Magnificent Space We Observe when we raise Our Heads to the Sky still preserve its Silence and why a Real proof which will Satisfy Our Human Consciousnesses is not rendered until today? I presume this question comes to the Thoughts of everyone from time to time. And the Secret of the matter lies in here.

Everything in the Universal Totality is executed parallel to the Ordinance of Graduation and the Consciousness Progress. When the Evolutionary Level of a Person and the Time Consciousness is not Equivalent, no Gate is opened to him/her.

In this Universal Totality which many do not yet Know, there are numerous Universal Friends of Ours who Know and Recognize Us much better than Us. And they Determine Our Thoughts by Celestial Computers each Second, in each Breath.

That is, they are “closer to Us than Our Aorta”. This is the matter of Aorta mentioned in the Koran.

They, as the Essence Representatives of Our Allah who introduce the Skies and Our Allah to Us, have conveyed to Us the Commands of Our Allah through the Sacred Books until today by a Hierarchical Order, and they whom we Define today by the word Extraterrestrial are the Representatives of the Reality.

Information given in the Universal Totality is Dependent on a Hierarchic Scale due to Dimensional differences. Information Conveyed to Us from very advanced Dimensions are Prepared by the Representatives of the Divine Plan and are projected on to Us by very advanced Techniques We do not Know yet.

The Totality of the Unified Humanity Reality is a Totality formed by numerous Reality Totalities. And this Totality announced to Us as the ONE until today is a Totality projecting on to Us directly the Order of Our ALLAH.

B - Birleşik (Unified)

İ - İnsanlık (Humanity)

R - Realitesi (Reality)

The word (ONE – BİR in Turkish) composed of the First Letters of the above words is the Reality Totality. And that which has Projected the Voice of the Skies on to Us until today is this Totality. The position it is in is a Technological Dimension.

Those who administer these Hierarchical Scales are the Guards of the Technological Dimension. And those who carry out their operations are the Galaxy Totalities. The projection Centre of the Sacred Books is this Totality of Realities called the (ONE – BİR in Turkish). And this Totality is the Unity of ALLAH.

These Friends who Educate Us in an Evolutionary Scale in accordance with the Order of Our Allah and who guide Us are called the Exraterrestrial Friends in the Unification Ordinance of the Universes so that We can understand them better.

Many of them are Friends of Light who had come into existence much earlier than Us. Everything loses its Essence Characteristic during the Transforming Time Periods. For this reason, the efforts of finding the Human Being who has been lost within itself has caused Us to settle into an Evolutionary Course, and this is the Godly Order. In many of the Galaxy Dimensions, too, the same Order is Valid.

There are numerous Different Views who wish to live by themselves In this Infinite Ordinance as Individual Totalities and Trying to take the Human Dimensions under Supervision. These Views have been continuing on the Path of the Eternity Past -Eternity Future.

In the face of this Situation, until today only ALLAH has been protecting the Human Being whom HE has brought into existence in HIS own Dimension and has tried to preserve him/her in the Power Dimension. And now, HE/SHE is about to establish HIS/HER brand new Order with the Human Totality which has found itself.

This is the Fourth Order of O. These Final Age Awakenings are the proof of this Program. All operations are Services for HIM and for the Total. Celestial Knowledge conveyed to Us has been given according to the public Consciousnesses of that Period.

In that Period, without going into the Depths of these matters, only the concept of ALLAH had been introduced to Us. Once that which had been announced to Us as the “ONE” is this Unified Humanity Reality and it is the Unity of Allah.

Each Person speaks with Someone within him/her both while he/she is Alone and in his/her sad Moments. This voice helping him/her is this Totality, that is, the ONE addressing you through Your Channels. (This is also called the Voice of the Conscience.)

I presume many of you have met numerous Friends of yours who said that they Speak with their Allah. The most Evident Focal Point of the Human and Universe relationship at the moment Begins from this Boundary.

Above, we had said that the Human Potential was educated in an Evolutionary Progress Program. Those whom Administer this Hierarchical Order, those who have addressed Us until today by the Words of Allah are the Staff Members of that Supreme Power.

These are Our Galaxy Friends, the Divine Plan Representatives and the Reality Totality which Serves All the Universes on this path.

Skies which are still veiled to the Veiled Consciousnesses in Our World have been unveiled to the Unveiled Consciousnesses and Humanity has begun to Hear without Intermediaries the Voice of God Within them by everyone’s Channels getting Connected to the Unified Reality Totality.

A person who made such a talk in the former Periods used to be considered as “Mad”. In fact, the “Mad Person” is the one whose Knowledge Potential is Powerful, but who can not take under Supervision his/her Triangle of Intellect – Logic – Awareness.

In fact, a Person who has a Universal Potential is a part of Nature within Nature. His/her Virtue distinguishing him/her from the other living entities is his/her Ability to utilize his/her Logic.

If you will notice, Intellect and Awareness are present in every Entity in accordance with their Dimensions. And even Trees, Flowers, Stones and the Earth have their Cellular Intellects and Awarenesses peculiar to themselves not conforming to Our Thought Forms.

However, Reason is present only in the Human Form Totality which has been able to attain the Power to be able to reach the Divine Dimensional Frequencies of an Evolutionary Order. And the Ability to utilize this Reason is attained as a result of Reincarnations.

At the moment, the Human Being, that is, the Evolutionary Potential of Energy is going through its Final Awakening Age. Resurrection is the Final Boundary of Awakening and Cries of the Human Being who Discovers himself/herself. The Human Being, after awakening with this Genuine Consciousness of his/hers, attains the Right from then on, to be able to call out to the Universes and to speak with O.

In fact, the Human and Universe relationship begins beyond that Boundary from then on and embraces the Unknowns. In Our World which has come to this Final Boundary the Sacred Books call Resurrection, which We Consider as the Progress of the Final Age, now, the lives are not cheering at all.

Sacred Books have mentioned the characteristics of this Period in Detail. Humanity which will unite with a Divine Light from the Threshold of Despair in Future years will become the Supreme Missionaries of the morrows in Unknown Worlds.

The Skies will always remain veiled to Our Planet unless the People of the World arrive in a Conscious Unification by Transcending the boundary of curiosity. However now, the Reality, together with Friends who were able to reach the Consciousness of Universal Totality, prepares Happy, Flowery Worlds for the Happy Human of the morrows.

Here is the Human Being – here is the Universe; now all of us will reach these Happy Morrows step by step (for now), but running in the morrows by the Totality of the Heart, Love, Tolerance and by the Consciousness of Peace. And while the Scientific research performed in Our Planet advances full Power in the race of discovering Space, the Void of Space still Conceals its Secret.

Voices that once called out from the Skies to Sages like Moses – Jesus Christ – and Mohammad are now calling out to the entire Humanity. However, to be able to Hear these Voices is a matter of Consciousness, Time and Evolution.

Consciousnesses who are still Unable to Know the Truth definitely may accept that which are said as a product of Imagination. However, everything is True and We share these Truths easily with Consciousnesses who understand Us.

The Source of this Call, at the moment, is the Unified Humanity Totality Unification Center. This Center reaches Us by Cosmic Influences by a very Different Technique from horizons Our World does not yet Know.

We call the Friends who can receive these Influences in Our World, Mediumists. However, now Perception Channels have taken the place of the old Mediumistic techniques.

For this reason, until the year 2000 everybody has been opened to Consciousness and Perception Channels, thus, their receiving the Cosmic Influences more quickly has been tried. In numerous sections of Our Planet the groups which are the “Close Plan Magnetic Aura Focal Points” have been constituted for this reason.

At the moment, operations made in Our Planet parallel to the Purification Program, that is, "Religious Teachings" have increased for this reason.

Formerly, in order for a medium to be able to establish contact both by Spiritual and by Universal Consciousness, there was the need for an Operator who knew the Technique of this business and who could orient the medium. However now, anyone without feeling the need for anybody, without Going into a trans, can establish these contacts at the place where he/she is, without Intermediaries (of course, those who can). By Affirming each other of all the Information given from the Reality Totality to each channel, Our Planet will reach the Consciousness of the Truth by this means and in the Happy Morrows it will Embrace the brotherly/sisterly Worlds through this way.

That which is told may be accepted with reservation since the Scientific proof of numerous matters Mentioned can not be made during this time. However, all of them will be Proven during the Morrows and the Truth of those which are Told will be observed.




Now, I would like to mention to You a matter which has not been explained in Detail until today. Those who read the Knowledge Book know that at the surroundings of Our World there is a magnetic Tulle.

From this magnetic Field only Positive Energies pass, but the Negative Energies can not pass. Each breath taken in, Every event experienced is a program. Nothing is in vain; everything depends on a Law of Cause and Effect.

Nature – Earth and Water are positive. All the Negative Energies People produce through Thought penetrate all the Rocks and the Earth of the World.

The Negative Energies here rise up with Water Vapor and bring into existence the Clouds. That is, Clouds carry Negative Energy.

The Trees carrying Positive Energy in Nature bring down to the World the Negative Energies within the Clouds as Water and Rain. By this means, Nature, the Earth, and the Tree are Nourished by the Cosmic Energies in this way.

Cosmic Energies are Negative. The Essence of the Human Being is Positive. Rains Nourish Nature and his/her Essence Nourishes the Human Being. The Human Being becomes Positive in proportion with his/her Evolution. And by attracting the Negative Energies, he/she dissolves them with his/her Essence Energy which is Positive.

In rural areas where there are no trees, the Human Being performs the Missions the trees perform. The more Positive Human Power is formed in an area, the more that place is subject to Negative Energy fields (In accordance with the Ordinance of Equilibrium).

The causes of Typhoons and Floods are these. Normal World People attract Negative Energies only when they are Troubled and Distressed. And the more Negative Energy his/her Essence dissolves, the more that Entity becomes Positive and Evolved.

The World is Positive and the Human Being who becomes Negative by Fostering Negative Thoughts will always be condemned to that magnetic Field of the World.

And the World bothers the Human Being who becomes Positive by Dissolving the Negatives through his/her Essence, because he/she does not any more take pleasure from anything. Since the World is Positive, the Positive will always repel the Positive. And now, he/she is an entity who is the candidate of becoming the Resident of other Dimensions.

During this Final Age, the chaos Humanity goes through is in fact for the Benefit of the Human Beings. The attaining of Consciousness of a Person by becoming Evolved renders him/her Happy even in this Chaos.

In the Sacred Books this is called the Intellect and the Heart becoming one. Until today, always Patience has been suggested to the Human Being in all the negative events experienced.

If the Intellect and the Heart are not one, Consciousness is never attained. For this reason, all troublesome events and suicides enter into Effect.

At the moment Our World is experiencing its Resurrection due to the Negative Thoughts the Human beings produce as a mass. The one who causes everything is the Human Being.

In this life Tableau entering into Effect parallel to the law of Equilibrium, since entities who produce Negative Thoughts will always repel Each other, they will produce even more Negatives.

On the other side, the Positive Entities, too, will increase in Equivalence with these Negatives and by this means the World will reach the capacity to be able to attract even more Cosmics.

The Human Being Evolving in the Positive direction as he/she attracts the Cosmics, will attract even more Negatives and by this means will complete his/her World program and Evolution (this is a Universal Program).

However, since Imbalances will begin meanwhile in Nature and in the Climates, too, due to these Energy Imbalances occurring in Our World, Typhoons – Earthquakes – and Floods will come into Effect.

Facing this situation, the Human society not becoming Conscious yet will become even more Negative. This is a Vicious Circle. This is the brief and Scientific explanation of the Tableau of Cosmic Resurrection.



(A Speech)

The Life Struggle the Human Being who Serves in a difficult World at the moment has gone through for adapting to Nature and to the medium in which they live is really praiseworthy. Because, during this Final Age Humanity is either Conscious or not Conscious of the events they experience. For this reason, I would like to share some Knowledge with you.

During this Special Age we live in, each Person has the Power of being able to attract a Negative Power Equivalent to his/her becoming positive. Because, this is a Law of Equilibrium and a Universal Program.

Everyone living in Our Planet is in an Attraction Field in accordance with his/her Capacity. However, each Physical Constitution receives and Feels these Attractions differently parallel to their Evolutions.

The Negative influences of the Events experienced at the moment cause People to Feel Uneasy. Even if this Situation experienced seems to break the Resistance of that Person, in fact, all these things add Power to their Power. And this is a Method of Engraftment.

The Human Being is a Universal Battery. To Fill and to Empty this Battery is taken into Effect by the Cellular Awareness of the Physical structure. Each Cellular Awareness attracts the Cosmic Currents according to its Power. By this means, the Human Being Completes his/her Evolution in this way and opens his/her Wings towards the Unknowns.

And the functioning mechanism of this process is as follows: First, the Cellular Awareness stimulates the Cellular Consciousness. And the Cellular Consciousness forces the Existential Awareness. And the Existential Awareness takes into Effect the Cosmic Energy Attraction of the Brain Power through Thought. By this means, the Cellular Awareness conveys the Cell to Satiety by the Energies attracted.

The Coordinates of the Cells within the Biological structure are Supervised by the Power of Thought. However, this Supervision Program is up to a certain Dimension. The Dimensional frequencies to enter into Effect after that Dimension begin to be attracted by the Cellular Awareness from then on. And by this means, the Cellular Consciousness enters into Effect.

This Cellular Consciousness entering into Effect, completing its Satiety, makes an effort in order to come to an Equivalent Level with the Existential Consciousness. The Existential Consciousness helps by loading on the Cell the Energies it has attracted Cosmically.

However, since the Cellular Awareness is not yet habituated to these attracted Energies and since it has not yet attained its Satiety by these Energies, negative affects are felt in the Physical Constitutions until it fills its Store by these Energies. When Satiety is attained these negativities depart.

In this Final Age, the differences between the Dimensional Consciousness You are in and the medium You live in cause the Spasmodic Symptoms and Allergic Reactions to emerge in certain Physical Constitutions.

However, since each Cellular Awareness attracts these Currents in accordance with its own Power, serious sicknesses enter into Effect when there is disconnection and imbalance in the Inter-Cellular Coordinates.

I would like to explain this matter a little more: There are numerous, uncountable Dimensions in the Ordinance of Cosmoses. And each Dimension has Energy Layers and Evolutionary Scales peculiar to itself.

For this reason, each Cell of an Entity who will complete his/her Evolution in the World Plan is obliged to attract the Energy of the next Dimension of a Dimension the Satiety of which it has attained and to attain the Satiety of that Dimensional Energy, too.

Each Cell attracts Energy in accordance with its attraction Power and Evolves thus and, in time, it attains Satiety to this Energy it had attracted. This is a Universal Program. And this Program continues automatically and successively.

The Satiety of a Cell is realized by the card-indexation of the attracted Energy into the Essence. And by this means, the ESSENCE EVOLUTION is taken into Effect. The Evolved Cell both attracts the Energy of the Dimension to which it has reached and Projects it by Giving it around.

This is its Fundamental and Universal Mission. This Program is connected to the Automatism as a necessity of the System and the Entity carries out its program instinctively.

The Cell which is providing its Satiety only just attracts a little more amount of Energy than the Energy it gives. And by the Accumulation of these Energies it has attracted it provides its Satiety.

The Cell which has reached complete Satiety no more takes into Effect the projection through the Cell.

It now takes into Service its Universal projection through its Essence. In such a case, the Essence projects the Evolutionary Energy by a higher Frequency than the attraction Power of the Cell.

However, it takes time to Collect the Energy it has given. To shorten this time is an occurrence pertaining to the Equivalence of the Entity’s Spiritual Evolution and the Cellular Evolution.

When a Person’ Coordinate is Equivalent to the Evolution of the Cells within his/her physical Body, he/she attains the Power of being able to attract Energy.

Let us repeat again, while the Cellular Awareness attracts the Energies of these different Dimensions, the Terrestrial Body which is not yet habituated to these Energies feels Tired, Weak and even Sick. However, this is the tiredness of an Engraftment and it is temporary.

In fact, by attracting the Energies of each Dimension separately by this means in this World Medium we are in, We, by completing both Our Spiritual and the Essence Evolutions are opening instinctively the gates of the Unknown Dimensions.

Thought and Faith, Evolution and Consciousness they all are different Coordinates. For this reason, nobody can attract these Cosmic Energies equivalently. To receive them enters into Effect only after reaching a certain Dimensional Consciousness. This is a matter of Evolution.

In this Age that we live in, in the medium of Awakening and Preparation for Humanity, the Cosmic Currents and Evolutionary Energies are specially given together. In fact, Evolutionary Energies and Cosmic Currents are separate and different.

The Cosmic Currents are currents which render one Conscious and Regenerated. But the Evolutionary Energies carry a Power which Speeds up Evolutions since they are connected to a frequency to attract these Cosmic Currents. Those who reach this Evolution automatically Dissolve the negativities by their own Power in time periods and become thus Regenerated.

However, as it is known, the World enters in a very Speedy way into Positive and Negative numerous Dimensions. By this means, Universes are Cleansed, Human Beings are Purified, and You are Transferred to extremely Supreme Positions.

In this Final Age, all Difficulties Experienced and Gone through are temporary. Every thing is for the benefit of the World and Humanity. There is no situation to be concerned about. Let us Know all these things, however, let us not forget that when we are Sick the first door we should knock on is Medicine.


Each Cell carries the secrets belonging to the past, it is a Universal Power and a Universal Consciousness. The Human Being is a Totality constituted by the Connecting Tissue constituted by the Cellular Vibrations.



In this speech of mine I would like to clarify the Integration of Consciousness, which is one of the most frequently asked questions:

We now know that the Entire Cosmos is administered by a Celestial Hierarchy. This Hierarchic Scale is a magnificent chain. And nobody may become a Ring of this chain unless the time for it comes. Only those whose “Time Consciousness and Evolutionary Consciousness” cross may be included in this Ring.

Everyone who has attained the Right to live in the World are Missionaries in every Field according to their Levels of Consciousness and Evolution. Every Person’s Evolution, Spiritual Culture and Development Field are different. A Person’s Evolutionary Level depends on his/her Emotional Intelligence and Intellectual Intelligence.

The development of the Emotional Intelligence depends on the auto control mechanism of a Person. And this Intelligence always takes and keeps under control the Emotional Data. The underdevelopment of the Emotional Intelligence originates from personal weakness. All negativities experienced presently in Societies are in Effect for this reason. Emotional Evolutions are obliged to be rendered on our Planet for this reason.

Intellectual Intelligence is related to IQ. In those whose IQ are low, practical Intelligence can never enter into Effect. Practical Intelligence is the entrance Key of IQ. The Intellectual Intelligence either utilizes this Key for himself/herself, or for Society.

Emotional Intelligence is related to Spiritual Culture and Evolution. This Intelligence is attained by life programs through the Divine path. Both Intelligences are in Effect in Integrated Consciousnesses. However, if there is Coordinate disconnection between these two frequencies, the Entity can never take into Effect the Totalistic Consciousness as a Total.

For this reason, developing the Emotional Intelligence first is the most Secure and Proper way in the Integration of a Consciousness. Afterwards, the Intellectual Intelligence develops by itself through the Social Lives and Experiences. And by this means, when both the coordinates Unite, the Consciousnesses are Integrated as well.

Integration in the Consciousnesses is a Symbol of maturity. People’s Evolution is Equivalent to their Lives and Actions.



(A Speech)

At the moment, Our Plane which has lost its many Characteristics materially, spiritually and Naturally is being Restored anew. Events Experienced until today and will be Experienced will, in a very short time, Unify Humanity in a Totality by conveying them to the Consciousness of the Truth.

Our Planet which is currently awakening from its sleep is now experiencing the preparations of the Program of a new Age in which everything in the future will proceed towards the perfect. This is a Golden Age Consciousness. And this is an investment aiming at the Centuries.

Every Reformic Movement is the preparations of the Foundation of a Golden Age and Investments made into the Morrows. In fact, each Reformic Order is a Golden Age. However, this Final Cycle Transition Program of 26.000 years has quite a different Preparation program than the other Periods. This Preparation program has come systematically up to Our Century.

First, Celestial Suggestions Announced by the Sacred Books have Unified Our Planet in the Consciousness of the SINGLE GOD by assembling Humanity in a Totality of the Truth. And during the passage of time all the Truths and the Celestial Announcements have shed Light on all the People of Our Planet until today.

During this Special Age we consider as a Mediamic Age, now the Truths are being Exhibited In Accordance with the attained Consciousnesses. All this Effort made and the Calls for Unification are not an occurrence peculiar only to Our Planet. The System of this Final Age is the Unification in a Total of the entire Universal Totality with the Ordinances of Cosmoses and this future age is called the GOLDEN AGE.

The Golden Age is the heralder of a medium in which happy People will live in a Brotherly/Sisterly World Totality and which will shed Light on Us in future, in Accordance with the SINGE GOD – SINGLE ORDER – SINGLE SYSTEM and the SINGLE BOOK.

However, until the longed for Golden Age is reached, still, there are many more Thresholds Our Planet will Transcend. 3 Cosmic Ages have been Recognized for this preparation Period of the Golden Age. (A Cosmic Age comprises a Century).

Our Planet taken into a very Accelerated Evolution Program beginning with the year 1900 has completed the First Cosmic Age in the year 2000. This is the 20th century. The Second Cosmic Age includes the 21st century and the Third Cosmic Age the 22nd century.

The Beginning date of the Longed for and Desired Golden Age we have mentioned above will start beginning with the 23rd Century and will include a Period of seven Centuries. At the moment, if we List, one by one, the Preparation programs of this Period, we realize that the Golden Age can not in any way be reached by easy means.

There are 5 Scales in the Preparation program of the Golden Age. Each Scale comprises an Age. Now, let us explain them in sequence:

1- This is a Preparatory Age and this Age comprises the Period of the Sacred Books.

2- The Age of Awakening: This is the Transition Dimension we are living in now and the Period called RESURRECTION announced to Us until today. At the moment, Our Planet is within this chaos.

3- The New Age: Here, by transcending the habituated Periods, the Period of Reaching the Unknown – Work – Research – Comprehending will come into effect. The Cosmic Age of Two Centuries will live in this Period (the 21st and the 22nd centuries).

4- The Golden Age: It comprises the life of a Period of 7 Centuries after the 23rd century. Here, by attaining the direct Comprehension of the Universal Awareness and Unification in accordance with the Consciousness of Unity – Totality, we will Witness the presence of a Mechanism – a System – the Godly Order – the Reality not yet understood in Our Planet but which We try to Introduce, and we will open wings Consciously towards the Unknowns.

5- The Age of Light: The Age to begin after the Golden Age is called the Age of Light. This is an Age which will come into Effect after the 30. century and here, the direct Order of ALLAH is in Effect.

Humanity being Prepared on this path will now be the direct Essence Member of this System. We call this Path of Universal Light the Golden Age. At the moment, in the medium we live in we have Speedily entered the preparation Periods of the Beautiful Days of the Morrows. The Morrows will be much different than these days.

This is a Period of Transition. At the moment, during this Period, with the Purpose of preparing Mankind for the Golden Age and to Accelerate the progresses of mass Awareness, Awakening and Purification, numerous Spiritual and Technical Focal Points are being established and Operations are being made on this path on each part of Our Planet.


To see the Light, the Divine Light of the Skies is not as easy as presumed.


(A Speech)

In the World Plan, During this Special Age in which Disputes about Reincarnation are rendered, the time has come for Knowing and for Announcing the Truths in all clarity.

First of all, the Consciousness should be attained that the Reincarnation phenomenon has nothing to do with the Physical Body which is crude matter. Reincarnation is a phenomenon pertaining only to the Evolution of Energy.

The Human Being has Investigated since his/her coming into existence the reason of Death in every Period and could not accept by any means the phenomenon of Death. For this reason, everybody has Interpreted the subjects pertaining to Dying and Retuning to Life Mentioned in the Sacred Books according to his/her Consciousness and has led the phenomenon of Reincarnation into a blind alley.

In fact, the phenomenon of Reincarnation to which People have been paying great attention for Centuries and for which they still could not find a solution, is only and only the Formation and the Development process of an Energy.

As long as Humanity tries to solve the phenomenon of Reincarnation through Reason, questions will always be left without an answer. There is no stagnancy in anything. There is a Development process to everything. The Maintenance in another Dimension of a Development occurring in a certain Dimension depends on the principle that Evolution is infinite.

The Period we live in at the moment is a Period Peculiar to itself. Humanity now lives in the Age of Interpretation and Expounding. For this reason, everyone brings Interpretations According to himself/herself to the Information they have received, thus, constitutes a Knowledge and Consciousness Chaos in the World.

Celestial Knowledge is always given in accordance with the Needs, the Consciousness and the Medium of the Public. In order for Energy to be able to reach from the Micro to the Macro Consciousness, it has to Proceed through numerous Phases.

Mevlana’s saying “I was Stone, I was Earth, I became a Blade of Grass, I became a Flower, I became an Animal, I became a Human Being and later I will become Light” shows the Evolutionary Stairs of Energy. This very thing is a Reincarnation.

An Energy transferred to the World by assuming ownership of a crude matter form assembles the Knowledge it attains during his/her life in his/her Brain archive. The Brain is an Information Bank. Information is assembled within the crude matter of the Brain, thus, is registered into the essence Energy Bank. This is called Evolution of the Essence.

This is the Consciousness attained in a Life Time. The Person himself/herself is unaware of this. For the Development of the same Energy, again a crude matter matrix is needed. This time, the same Energy comes into the World with a Different matrix.

The Human form is the last and the most perfect Experience matrix of this Reincarnation ring. After this boundary, the Energy within the Human matrix attains Physical Bodies several times in the World for Consciousness progresses and this is called Reincarnation.

Here, the Gender, The Form, the Nationality of the matrix is not important. The important thing is the Energy assuming ownership of that matrix. The processes of the Energy’s becoming Conscious are Phase by Phase.

At the moment, every Person who lives in the World has been Incarnated in the World in different times for rendering Consciousness progress by attaining Experience. However, since we could not yet transcend Our Consciousness which is within the Medium of Form, we consider the phenomenon of Reincarnation by Thinking about it in a form based Totality.

An Evolving Energy Proceeds to the Evolution of Consciousness after it completes its Mutation, that is, its Development and Transformation Program. And the Reincarnation program is never again applied to Entities Who have completed their Consciousness Evolution.

In the Education Program taken into Effect by the Sacred Books, Reincarnation comes to an end at the 4. Dimension, that is, at the Dimension called “Paradise”. But for those who have been trained by the Far East Philosophy, Reincarnation comes to an end at the 6th Dimension called Nirvana. This is the Dimension of Immortality.

However, after the Completion of the Reincarnation phenomenon, if they wish, Entities may be Incarnated numerous times by their Free Will in the World which is the Dimension of Veiled Awareness. However, they can never Remember their Past as a necessity of the Program.

All Troubles and All contradictions Originate from this point. Because the Program of the world has been Prepared thus. Remembering the Past Darkens Your Future and a Person who remembers his/her Past, can never render or complete his/her Evolution in the Period he/she lives.

A person can never remember his/her Past life by his/her own Power. Only, there remain small fragments in his/her Memory. However, the System specially makes certain people Remember their Pasts in Accordance with the Programs made.

Human Consciousnesses who advance in difficulty on the path of Evolution have caused the constitution of the Divine Administrative Laws and Decrees.

From within many programs applied on the path of the World Evolution, on the Grounds that Humanity has taken into Effect a more Speedy Progress only on the Godly path, the System of Evolving Humanity by making them Conscious on the path of the Sacred Books has been taken into Application by the Supreme Authorities.

Afterwards, Karma Programs and programs of Attaining by Experience have entered into Effect for the completion of the Evolution of Consciousness.

A Person has not attained his /her present Consciousness in this Period in which he/she lives. His/her Knowledge is the Knowledge Accumulation of his/her Past lives. Certain Consciousnesses never accept this Natural occurrence.

However, for Deciphering this program, everybody should first understand and know that Reincarnation has nothing to do with the Physical Body and that it is only the Evolution of Energy and is a Mutation, that is, a “Transformation”.

First, I would like to say that Reincarnation has been present since the first formation of the Ordinance of the Cosmoses. Everything is Energy. The Development process of a micro Energy into a macro Energy is a Reincarnation.

The attaining of Consciousness of this macro Energy during the passage of time by completing its Development, too, is a Reincarnation.

This Conscious Energy continuously goes through Evolution until it attains the Power to be able to hold its Atomic structure, and its crude matter form comes into existence (Stone – Earth – Solar Systems – all living beings and the Human Being). And all of these are each a chain of reincarnation.

An Energy needs a crude matter Body in order to attain Experience and to Evolve. That which bestows this Physical Body to us is the Genes of Our Mothers and Fathers. For this reason, we can never Repay them.

For, if Our Mothers and Fathers had not Bestowed on Us this (Biological Wardrobe) we call the Physical Body, the Energy within that Body which is (Me), that is, (The Captain of this Body) would never be able to Evolve.

Until an Entity Educated by Religious Rules reaches the I Am God Consciousness, the subject of Reincarnation is a matter of Investigation and Dispute for him/her. Only when one Transcends this Dimension and attains the Consciousness of the Truth in the medium of Unity, the veiled Boundaries of Reincarnation become unveiled. This is a Universal Program.

The Spiritual Energy has nothing to do with Gender. For this reason, an Entity who had once lived in the World with a Male Body may live in another time with a Female Body. Because, the Physical Body in the World life is a Biological Robotic equipment.

The Alterations in the Physical Appearances originate from the Genes received from Different Mothers and Fathers in each Period. As a matter of fact, that which is Incarnated in the World is the Energy who enters into that Biological structure and utilises that Body.

For this reason, the same Energy in numerous times attains Physical Bodies in Different Genders and physical Appearances by the Genes of Mothers and Fathers with whom its Coordinate matches.

But the Energy in those different Physical Bodies which is (Me) is the same (Me). And it attains a Physical Body being Incarnated according to its position in the World. And by this means, All Entities reach the perfect by stepping forward through the Consciousness they attain as a result of the numerous Comings and Goings in each Period.

Let us repeat again, an Energy gaining Physical Bodies numerous times in the World never Remembers his/her Past Life. If he/she does, he/she can not down load into his/her Essence the Evolutionary register of that Dimension he/she lives in. This is a Universal program.

After a Person transcends the Consciousness Level of the World Dimension during his/her life span, from time to time his/her Memory registers enter into Effect and then certain passages from Past lives may be Remembered.

You know that when Rumi defined Reincarnation, at the end he had said, “I will become Light”. After becoming Light, too, Disputes on the subject of Reincarnation will go on for a long time.

These subjects are quite lengthy. If there is no Reincarnation, then there is no Evolution. Each occurrence is Subject to a Mutation. However, it is very difficult for Knowledge not grasped yet precisely to settle into the Logic of a Person.




It is answer to the writing, “The Sacred Book of the Aliens” you have published in your Newspaper on February 27, 1990:

Recently, God knows why, in this Period in which the Preparations of the Book to be Published by the name the Knowledge Book which is currently being presented in Fascicules since it has not been Finished yet, the false interpretations of the Terrestrial Consciousnesses have been conveyed to the Press as a sensational event.

We, too, have Heard and Learned thanks to Your serious Press, the Expressions such as, “The Ufo Religion – Those Who Worship Space – The Sacred Book of the Aliens” which we had not heard until today.

To project it to the Press without Consciously learning the Basis of a thing, by adding also the Imaginary fabrications to it is (according to Our understanding), we presume, against the Press Ethics.

Instead of Stirring up the Public by caching the Sensational Subjects according to the Public Consciousness by Choosing the in between Lines from within the Fascicules, we presume it would be a much more Respectful and Humane Behavior to take and Write the subjects from among the writings which would shed Light on Humanity.

Instead of Seeking Our Rights through quite Different ways, we Preferred to Announce the Truth to the Public by this writing of ours, through your Newspaper.

(Wishing that it will be Published).

We know that All the Sacred Books are Celestial Books. All Human Societies believing that the Celestial Books such as the Old Testament - The New Testament – The Koran had been Revealed from the Skies always raise their Heads to the Sky and Open their Hands up to the Sky in the Sacred Temples.

I wonder if you will be able to use the Expression THOSE WHO WORSHIP SPACE also for this Noble and Sacred Behavior and the Magnificent Faith of Humanity.

During this Final Age in which Everything has reached Universality, I wonder if you can Think why these Unbelievable Reformic Unifications Our World is going through at the moment did not occur until these days?

Since the KNOWLEDGE BOOK you have deemed Suitable for the name, “The Sacred Book of Aliens” has been dictated from the ALPHA CHANNEL through which all the Sacred Books Bestowed on Our Planet had been dictated, it is Logically Presumed as a Sacred Book.

However, this Book has been given to Us on the Grounds that it was not a Book to be Worshipped and since now the time has come for Our Planet to Know certain Truths Humanity has not Known until today, it has been presented to Humanity as a Guide and a Book of Truth.

We know that the Period of Sacred Books and Prophet-hood has been terminated by Our Koran. We, who have reached this Consciousness never consider anyone by any means as a Prophet. And We do not Consider this Wonderful Love Totality of Ours as a Spiritual Teacher – Disciple Relation by Your Expression.

After a time of Fifteen Centuries which has passed since the revelation of the Koran which is the Final Sacred Book, Our Planet, at the moment, is going through a Mediamic Age as a proof that all Information and the Truths have been given by the same Source.

During this Final Age, now, All Humanity from 7 to 70 is receiving Celestial Messages in accordance with their Consciousness Levels. Even this is a Proof that the Period of Prophet-hood is over.

In the Age We live in maybe these Messages will guide Humanity which has lost many of its Human Virtues. This Situation being gone through is a Necessity of the Mediamic Age.

During this Period, Celestial Knowledge close to Each Other is given by the Celestial Hierarchy to numerous Knowledge Channels and that all of them are received from the same Source is proven to Our Planet by this means.

It is Sad and Thought–Provoking on behalf of Humanity that Humanity which does not Know the Truth Considers these Universal Operations in accordance with their Individual Interpretations, and the “Press and the Media, too” which we consider as an assistant in the Rising of the Human Consciousnesses being instrumental in these degenerated Thoughts.

The Knowledge Book is open to all kinds of criticism. While many years ago even (Electricity – Telephone – Wireless – Radio – television – Computer) as Imagination Products, could not even been Thought of, the Knowledge Book may be considered as an Imagination Product at the moment.

However, the proof of everything is in the morrows. It is announced to the Public.


Civilized Ethics is Peculiar to Civilized People.



Dear Friend,

As a Principle, I have never entered until today a Chat and a Correspondence pertaining to Myself. However, I felt as an obligation on behalf of Humanity to answer your sincere writing and your article by article questions.

The 20. century we live in is a very Special Age. And everyone who lives in the World at this moment has a Mission peculiar to himself/herself. As I understand from your letter, you, too, have made Special investigations and your Operations as a Missionary.

Each endeavor is a Light to Humanity. And I Heartily believe that Humanity will benefit from Your work, too. Because, in Our Planet there are Consciousnesses who will benefit from each Information. We know that unless the Information stairs are ascended, one by one, the Consciousness of the Truth is not reached.

Now, I would like to answer the articles you asked:

Question 1- What is your Divine Title? (Prophet, Messenger etc., etc.)

Answer- I have no Divine Title. I am just a Genuine Human Being. Each of us is an Energy as a Human Being. In fact, the Energy has no Title. Titles are necessary for the definition of the Terrestrial Human Being.

Question 2- At the moment of the dictation of the Book have you gone Through very important Transformations? (Visual, Auditory or other)

Answer- I have experienced a very Happy childhood and a very Happy Family medium of 51 years. I am Not a medium. For this reason, I have not gone through much important Transformations. In fact, I am a Celestial Sister of yours in Your Planet. My Mission is to Bestow on Humanity the Knowledge Book. When the time came, I received My Program and My Mission in the World medium.

Question 3- Does the Knowledge Book have Sacredness and Protection?

Answer- Even though the Knowledge Book Talks about all the Sacred Books, it is not a Sacred Book nor a Book to be Worshipped. It Is only a Guide Book telling Humanity the entire Truth beginning with the moment it has come into existence. (The Knowledge Book’s frequency peculiar to itself protects Itself)

Question 4 - What is your Point of View regarding the Koran? And do you know that the Koran is protected by (19) as the Mathematical code?

Answer - The Koran is a Total of all the Sacred Books Our Allah has Bestowed on Humanity until today. And it, too, is a Book of Information and Science. The Koran is the (Final Sacred Book) Bestowed on Humanity. Koran (is the Alpha Exit Book) dictated from the 18. Dimension, carrying the Energy Power of 72. It is a Magnificent Sacred Book Training, Orienting, Educating Humanity by its frequency on the path of becoming a Genuine Human Being. But the Knowledge Book (is the Entrance Book to Omega).

Omega is the 19. Dimension. The Human Being of Our Planet is first Prepared by All the Sacred Books; those who are Ready receive the Entrance Permission to the 19. Dimension, that is, to Omega.

The 19. Dimension (is a Dimension connected to the Unified Humanity Reality, Cosmos Federal Totality).

The Koran had been dictated and taken into Protection through the Alpha Channel by this Hierarchic Totality. However, the Knowledge Book is Directly the Book of the 19. Dimension. After this Dimension, the Sacredness and the Educative characteristic of the Sacred Books are abolished. This Dimension is the Dimension of Consciousness and of Cognizance.

For this reason, from then on, all the Truths with all clarity are Explained to the Human Being who has been Trained.

This is a Project of Transparency. Those who are not ready and Consciousnesses who are locked up by Taboos cannot easily understand and accept the Knowledge Book.

Question 5- If the Harmony of the Sacred Books with each other is relevant, is the Knowledge Book in harmony with the Others?

Answer- My Friend, since you asked Me this question it is clear that you have not exactly read and understood the Knowledge Book.

The Knowledge Book is the Single Book assembling in itself the frequency of all the Sacred Books which were the words of Our Allah and which have been bestowed on Our Planet until today.

Since all the Sacred Books have been revealed through the Alpha Channel until today, the Knowledge Book, too, has been dictated through the Alpha Channel. The Knowledge Book is a Unification Book. Because, now it is the Book of the entire Humanity.

For this reason, since it assembles in Itself all the frequency of the 6 Sacred frequencies (The Old Testament – The Psalms of David – The New Testament – The Koran – The Philosophy of the Far East and the Focal Point of the Almighty), in the Knowledge Book it is said, (We assembled 6 in One – We added One to the One).

That is, All the Celestial Books revealed, One by One, to Our Planet until today and which were the Words of Our Allah have been assembled as a frequency Totality in the Knowledge Book which is the Single Book. However, it is Not a Book to be Worshipped since it is a Book of Truth.

Question 6- Mohammad is the last Prophet. Do you think he is the last Messenger?

Answer- Yes, Mohammad is the last prophet and with Our Koran, the Periods of the Sacred Books and Prophet-hood have been terminated. For this reason, he is the last Prophet and the last Messenger. After the revelation of Koran, Humanity has been left together only with their own Sacred Books for 1500 years and the grasping of the Truth properly has been Awaited and no Prophet has ever come again.

Question 7- Will books other than the Knowledge Book be sent?

Answer- The Knowledge Book is the Last Celestial and Guide Book revealed through the Alpha Channel. And it carries the Frequency of all the Words of Allah. This Book has been Bestowed on Our Planet as a Book of 19 Centuries.

However, at the moment 600 more Books are being dictated to Our Planet from the Technological Dimension and through Different Channels. In many of these books the Knowledge Book, too, is mentioned either openly, or in ciphers. From now on, Scholarly and Scientific books will be dictated to Our Planet from the Technological Dimension in each century.

Question 8- Reincarnation is not possible according to Koran. Have you investigated the explanations pertaining to Death and Resurrection (coming back to life again) from the Koran?

Answer- Even though the matter of Reincarnation is openly present in the Koran, I did not investigate this matter from the Koran. Because, I know what Reincarnation is.

We, as the World Brotherhood Union, publish here a Journal called (the Golden Age). There, there are my writings about Reincarnation. I will send you the journals. I presume you will acquire some Information from them.

However, here I would like to explain to you Reincarnation Scientifically. The Dimension we call the Delta Dimension is a Dimension of Religious Teaching. And its Symbol is the Triangle. In this Dimension the triple projection System is valid.

Here, the Lordly – the Spiritual – the Technological Dimensions work mutually. The matter of Reincarnation is not unveiled to Consciousnesses who are not ready yet (its Frequency has been veiled).

Since the Delta Dimension is the Religious Satiety Dimension, in spite of Reincarnation being explained openly in the 28. Baccarat Sura and in different verses of the Koran, Reincarnation has been Considered in accordance with different interpretations due to the (program of Veiling).

( △ ) in the Religious Training Program Considered as the right side up triangle Allah’s Face of Mercy is in Effect. And in this program, Allah is Giving, Forgiving and Granting to all His/Her servants. Here, the servants of Allah want, Allah always gives. And by this means, Humanity is Sublimated by Integrating with the Love of Allah. This path (is the path of the Heart). This program is up to the 9th Dimension (The 9th Dimension is the final Boundary between Earth and the Sun).

The peak of the right side up triangle ( △ ) is the Dimension of I Am God. To the Entity who reaches the I Am God Consciousness Allah from then on says, (Turn and Look at Me) and turns the triangle upside down ( ▽ ), that is, like this. And this program is after the 18. Dimension.

This program is the Dimension of Tests and this is the program of Allah’s Fury. One goes to Unity from this path. This path is the path of (the Intellect). Here, People are constrained, certain things go wrong, even your dreams are frightening, this is the reason why it is said, (there is Benefit in the frightening dream).

If we do not leave the path of Our Allah in spite of all Misfortunes and Wrongnesses, we make One (the Intellect and the Heart). This is the Unification of the two triangles. The unification of two triangles gives this figure ( ✡ ).

This figure of the Six-Pointed Star is the Single symbol of the Unified Humanity Reality, that is, the Unity of Allah. In Our Planet, this figure is accepted as the Star of David and the Seal of Solomon.

However, Prophet David and Prophet Solomon, too, were the direct staff members of the Reality. The Jews use this symbol for this reason. However, this Six-Pointed Star symbol has nothing to do with Judaism.

Question 9- As I understand, there are many explanations in the Knowledge Book contradicting each other. God does not hard press People this much. Am I wrong?

Answer- The Knowledge Book is Book of Unity. And only the Genuine Human Beings walk easily towards Allah. There are not Roses but Thorns on the paths of Consciousnesses who are not ready. These paths are not easy paths.

Allah loves all His/Her servants, however, He/She helps those who utilize their Intellect and is together with those who understand Him/Her. To understand Him/Her is a matter of Intellect, a matter of Time. And you attain this understanding by going through numerous Incarnations.

In fact, understanding and grasping Reincarnation is the Integration of the Human Being with his/her own Essence. The Consciousness who does not Integrate means that he/she still has path to tread.

If Humanity is not still Ready for This Book, the face of Fury of Allah is in Effect. This is why it is said, (Allah hits His/her servant He/She loves from pillar to post).

Those who reach Unity Deserve to swim in the Sea of Reproach. And in every stroke they make, the Lock of a Gate is unlocked. The opening of each gate is like a birth pain. The Truth can not be reached without Suffering.

In fact, OUR ALLAH is a POWER beyond Powers, beyond Thoughts, Whose Grace is infinite, Whose Love is Infinite.

Each moment, each breath in which all of Us will attain through experience for being able to reach that Supreme Power is a test, a Grateful Praise. Regards.


Note :

In this Final Age All Celestial Dimensions have been unveiled to Our Planet. And each Consciousness is in the Influence field of the Dimension he/she is Connected to. For this reason, Our World is going through Resurrection within a Chaos due to Consciousness differences.

At the moment, we are in a medium of Selection and everyone is traversing the Sirat according to his/her Consciousness. Those who are chosen will be chosen and those who are Selected will be selected. However, the Morrows and the Future Days will bring unexpected Beauties.


(A Speech)

I made many speeches on Love until today on general request. However, Love is such a profound subject that it is a Gate opened more and more as it is Talked about and as it is Unfolded.

The definition of the Classical Love we know is, “it is a very Powerful passion felt for anything”. Today, I would like to Unfold the word LOVE constituted by three letters (AŞK in Turkish - Translator) in quite a Different way.

In accordance with Our Teachings each Letter of the Celestial messages given from the Universal Dimensions has, one by one, 3 different frequencies according to the Powerful Energy Fields it is given from. One of them is Scientific – one is Philosophical and the other is Religious Frequencies.

The frequencies of these Letters express a meaning by attaining Value according to the Receiving, Grasping, Consciousness and Understanding Levels of the one who reads them and according to their meaning frequencies. The word LOVE has attained value in accordance with everyone’s Understanding beginning with the First Existence until today. For this reason, Interpretations are quite Different.

Weather this word Love is written in Arabic Letters, or in Different languages, when the Letter Frequencies of all the words expressing Love are Transformed into the Meaning Frequency, it carries the same vibration as a Total. That is, the meaning and the frequency of Love is the same in every language.

When this vibration Unifies with Your Thought frequency, it attains Value according to Your Consciousness Level. That is, LOVE is a vibration presenting Variability according to the Understanding of everyone.

In fact, Love is a Universal Totality. The Peak point of it is the Love of ALLAH. And in order for all People to be able to Reach this Love, they have to Proceed through quite different paths.

And now, if We take only the word “AŞ” from within the word Love (Aşk in Turkish – Translator), its equivalent in the dictionary is “Yemek” (Food in English – Translator). Its other meaning carries the meanings of to jump to a place, to Traverse and to Transcend a Wall.

In this word, the First “AŞ” is Satiety and Satisfaction. The second “AŞ” is Jumping and Universal Leaping. And if the word “K” is used for the Entity’s self (kendisi in Turkish - Translator) and for his/her Fate (Kader in Turkish – Translator), Love then is used as a step in the transcending of his/her self and his/her Fate of an Entity. The word Love may be interpreted by this means, too.

Affection tried to be formed through Thought is a means of meditation. You may receive a response by this means only through a conditioned Reflex. The conditioned Reflex is doomed to Dissolve after it reaches a certain Satiety. This is the reason why numerous Loves and Homes are wrecked.

Affection is the first key of Unity and Totality Consciousness. In fact, Affection is not a phenomenon to be constituted through Thought. The Real Affection is in the Essence. And this Affection is a Divine Ecstasy. However, many People do not Know this.

In fact, Genuine Love makes you Transcend this Threshold and connects you to the Frequency of Affection and helps you to emerge Your Creative Power Present within you. Because, it is an Evolutionary potential.

This Affection partly opens the Gate between you and the Universal Dimensions. This partly opened Gate is opened to the Dimension of Art. And in all the branches of Art there are layers according to the Levels of Consciousness.

If you perpetuate your work Profoundly in any subject you are Interested in, these works of yours one day will make you attain you and will help you to Transcend yourself.

And a Person’s being able to Transcend himself/herself is Equivalent to his/her Level of Consciousness. It is said, “Operating Iron Shines”. This is a nice example for our subject matter. Love assists You on this path. And the Only Thing it requires of You is only and only to Discover Yourselves by Transcending Yourselves.

Love attains Value according to the Consciousness Level being Equivalent to your Evolution. Some seek Love in Drink, some in Music, some in Art, some in Nature and some in Sex.

All these seeking Integrate you with the Cosmos, that is, with Yourself by Unifying you in the Love of ALLAH. Because, You are a Cosmos. Through these paths You will discover You. In short, the role of Love for You is only this.

Now, let us consider the varieties of Love. In fact, Love is a Three Dimensional Program of Progress. The First Progress is the Terrestrial Love – The Second Progress is Divine Love – The Third Progress is Universal Love.

Terrestrial Love is a Love which is Equivalent to the World Frequency and which does not Transcend Thought. This is a Love Preparing the perpetuation of the Race.

Terrestrial Love is also called Sexual Love. This Love is a Love orienting the person to Seeking and it makes him/her tread this path and renders him/her purified.

Love is a Staircase of Progress. Its first step is Sexual Love. Since its way is Satiety, then its Satisfaction is the Flesh. Here Eyes, Goblets and Hands Unite and if both parties Unite in the Minimum common, this path leads them to Marriage.

Marriage is a Divine Dispensation. And it is a Destiny from God. In Love there is a Universal Attraction Power. The World which is far away from the realization of what is what calls it Sex Appeal. Its dictionary equivalent is, “invitation to Love, call to Sex”.

Universal Attraction Power is Equivalent with the Spiritual Totality. And it carries its frequency. In fact, those who reach this Frequency Power are each an instinctive Missionary.

Their Mission is to Calm and to Purify People by Engrafting Affection to those who are without Affection, and by Comparisons to offer Deterrent Lessons to People.

The Hippies and some People whom society considers profane such as Prostitutes perform these Missions many of us would not do, by trampling themselves. This is their Program of Progress.

In the Universal Totality, in order for a Person to reach Perfection he/she should tread numerous paths, good or evil, during each Period he/she lives. Terrestrial Evolution is attained by achieving Satiety for everything in each Period lived in the World Dimension.

All Events experienced are a Chain of Cause and Effect. At the end of certain things Seeming evil there are Beneficial paths. It suffices that this Tableau of Deterrent Lessons may be grasped.

In Terrestrial Love a Person perpetuates his/her Seeking until he/she is Satisfied. He/she goes from one person to the other. If this Person is a Man, he will be called a Philanderer, if it is a Woman, an Immoral. Those who are called by these names either could not Transcend the Love of Flesh, or could not Find their Spiritual Love.

In both groups Marriages take place usually very Late. However, Marriages taking place in here constitute the most perfect Marriages when set to Rights. Homes ALLAH requires are homes like that. For, HE Blesses All Homes.

A Person Trains himself/herself until he/she Transcends the Love of Flesh; the Life experiences he/she has gone through matures him/her. And when he/she reaches a certain level of Consciousness, he/she seeks his/her Spiritual Love.

In this Medium of Seeking, a Person either Submerges into Religious Dimensions and Dedicates himself/herself to Service on the Path of God, or finds other occupations, thus he/she is Sublimated in Art and Philosophy or perpetuates his/her life Unmarried.

Some of these Bachelors are called Casanovas. The Mission of Casanovas is to kindle the fire of the opposite Sex’ Spirit and then leave him/her. The Spirit kindled by this spark will, from then on, make him/her Progress by various means.

However, in this Final Program of Progress, on the Grounds that the Evolutions are entering into Effect more speedily, One Path became a Thousand Paths. Do not let us be oblivious of this Situation in our lives.

And now, let us consider the Divine Love. This Love is the Platonic, that is, the Spiritual Love. This Love is the Love which makes you Find, not Seek. There is more Suffering on the path of this Love.

As a result of the suffering gone through in this Love, we Find ourselves, our Personalities.

This Divine Love is a burning spark leaping from Spirit to Spirit. Only on this path can we Integrate with ourselves.

If both People are Married in this medium of Seeking, in case they remain Loyal and do not wreck their homes, they render extremely Great Progresses. Because, this Situation is their Test of Will and Responsibility.

In case these Lovers can not Come Together, their Affection Dissolves the Crusts of their Hearts in a Platonic way by the Yearning experienced. And this situation helps them to Find their Essence Lights.

When they Find their Essence Lights, they attain the realization of what is what and, from then on, they consider the other person not as a Lover, but as a Friend, a Sister or a Brother. This is their Evolvement Test.

In the Spiritual Love, in case both parties Ejaculate this Spiritual Spark through sex they are Calmed down and they can not render mental Progress. Otherwise, if Togetherness does not take place, the spark leaping from Spirit to Spirit Obsesses both the Spirits through Thought. This is called the Locking Up of Thought.

This place is the Boundary and the Test of Madness and Sage-hood. This is a Dream Realm. If You are awakened from this sleep, You become a Sage. If You can not Awaken, You remain in the Dimension of Madness. Layla and Majnuns – Farhad and Shirins may be given as examples for this.

While treading the Path of the Spiritual Love, this path either makes You complete Your Evolution by making You Meet Your God, or it renders You a Perfect Person by causing you make your Essence Evolution.

While rendering the Essence Evolution it is first obligatory for you to Attain for Your Satisfaction whatever you Feel the Need of, whatever you Yearn for. Otherwise, Terrestrial Passions hung on to Your Thoughts will be a Hindrance for your Progress.

For, Passions are your obstacles. For example: If You have a Passion for Money, assistance will be given to You on that path. If You have a Passion for Getting Dressed and for Jewelry, then You will be guided in that path. If you wish to be a Celebrity, possibilities for becoming a Celebrity are prepared for You.

If you are Yearning for Sexual Love, those possibilities are placed on your path; if you Yearn for Spiritual Love, you find yourself in such a medium. You experience those mediums until you realize that All of them are a theatrical set.

Those who reach Realization by this means are Philosophers, Men of Letters, Poets, Painters, Musicians and those who have received their lot from the Mediamic Medium. From then on, Sexual Love is of secondary importance in their World. Because, they have reached Union with their own Essences.

As we have said before, Divine Love is a Medium of Dream. One awakens from this path by two ways. Here, you reach Your God through Worship, you burn with His/Her Love and you complete your Evolution (like Nuns, Monks and like those who have dedicated themselves to Worship).

And some dissolve, one by one, their Essence Crusts by meeting their Inner Worlds and render their Essence Evolutions. However, certain People lock up their Inner Worlds in mediums like Monasteries as a result of the Shocks they have gone through.

Then, in such a medium an Education Program enters into Effect. If you can not reach Genuine Consciousness during this Education, you will have Fears and Bewilderments during this Stage.

All these are Educations, Efforts and Endeavors which are for your Benefit. You understand the Truth only when you reach Genuine Consciousness. Then, it means that the Time for Praising and Thanking Your Lord has come.

And now, let us talk about Universal Love. In order to experience this Love it is obligatory first to Love Yourself, and later, by Integrating with Yourself to reach Your Lord.

A person who is in Peace with himself/herself means that he/she has been in Peace with everybody and with the Total, too. Here, Religions and Books lose their Sovereignty. The Supremacy of the Human Being enters into Effect at this point. The Love in here is a Love felt for the Total.

In here, Nature – Animal – Flower and the Human Being are Loved by the same Frequency of Affection. There is no discrimination in this Affection. Only if you reach this Consciousness you claim Ownership of your Spiritual Energy, too. And you emanate Your Essence Affection to your surroundings through all Your Cells.

In this Case now You are a Light. By showering everybody with Your Energy You help them climb the Evolutionary Stairs. This is not a Love to be attained easily. Only the Deterrent Lessons we have received in each Period we have lived Prepare this for Us.

Now, let us talk about Marriage a little. I would like to begin this subject with a Hindu word, “Marriage is a Sacred Pledge prepared in the Skies”. Marriage is an Evolutionary Institution. There, there is the Supremacy of Affection, Self-Sacrifice, Tolerance and Forgiveness.

A Person who can endure on this path attains the Evolution Allah requires of the Human Being and at last, sooner or later he/she is rewarded. It is not the lot of every servant of God to be able to carry on Marriages with their Painful and Sweet aspects.

Marriage is a Sacred Institution in Godly Dimensions. And all Marriages are Blessed. Happy Lives in Marriages are Equivalent with the Evolutions of people. In Marriages with Ups and Downs, it means that both parties still need Evolvement. Here, one goes through the Test of Patience. And Patience brings you much.

Marriages in Veiled Consciousnesses are more Crushing. In such Marriages Fear is considered as a Personality weakness. However, that Entity is Crushed until he/she discovers his/her Personality. This is his/her Personality Test.

God does not Love His/Her indolent servants of God. However, if everyone who discovers his/her Personality does not behave improperly in his/her Respect and Love, then he/she completes his/her Evolution. Otherwise, benefit can never be expected from a Marriage which has become an Institution of Lies through Fear and through Hiding Secrets.

Then, people who have established this Institution complete their Evolutions by quite different means. The Human Being can never escape from his/her Destiny and Evolution.

In case you reach Genuine Consciousness, You will Love without being Loved, You will Give without Receiving and You will Expect nothing in return for Anything. All Clashes observed in Family Mediums and in different sections of Society are due to everybody’ Expecting something from everybody else.

The moment a Person renders Ineffective the method of an eye for an eye, it means that he/she has cached Happiness. To consider those which are experienced not as a crime, but as a Test makes People attain much. All Sorrows originate from immature Souls.

In the Family Medium, the Consciousness of Forgiveness conveys you to Universal Love. All of us are a toy and a marionette in the hands of Destiny.

In this Path of Life treaded, if we can know how to observe all the Events we encounter not through Thought, but by the Eye of the Heart, then We live in Our Paradise.

Each Living Entity coming to the World has a Mission. Each Entity, by coming to mediums he/she has deserved in accordance with his/her Level of Consciousness, receives the things he/she has Deserved according to his/her need, and by this means completes his/her Evolution.

Everyone who Breathes in this World, both Educates and is Educated. The Human Being is the Teacher of the Human Being. Terrestrial Tests are made by this means. Knowing all these things will help your Success in the World School.



I was asked to write an article about water. Just as I was wondering what I could write about Water which we all Know and Express with Classical Words, Water opened up its Doors and its World to me.

There I saw the profundity of Water, characterized chemically with the symbol H20 and expressed -in Turkish- with two little letters "Su", reaching far beyond our imagination.

To put it roughly WATER is a Source of Life for the Human Being, for Nature and for Everything. When we read the Turkish word for water "SU" in reverse, we see that it spells "US" which means Mind. In other words, Water is in fact a Power which is alive and has a Mind of its own.

At the same time Water is a Therapist which Replenishes our Soul with its Visual Grandeur and its Beauties in Nature; it is an Illusionist, which disguises itself according to the environment it is in, and it also is an artist.

Which hand I wonder has embroidered that delicate, dainty lace in a Snow Flake? A drop of Water which disguises itself in pseudonyms such as Steam, Ice, Snow, when on the leaf of a rose, will pull us into unprecedented vortices of Thought.

It is not a Only a Means which nourishes our Body and keeps us alive but also a Power Potential which Stimulates our Thoughts. If we regard Water as a beverage then it will be Only your Bodily requirement.

If you think About a Drop of Water in depth, you can Find the Entire Universe and God in it. Water is Love, Romanticism and at the same time it is Death. Water will drown you and you Die. Watching the rain fall you can capture Romanticism and at a Seaside, It will approach you as Love.

Thousands of water molecules in a Drop of Water are an Angel by the name of Rain rising from the earth to the Skies holding hands, and a chain of energy coming down from the Skies to Earth carrying the Grace of Allah.

It is a means to unite the Earth with the Skies. Water is a Positive Source of Power. It has the Power to collect within its Constitution all Energies. It washes the Negative Energies of the Human Being and of the World with its Positive Energy.

And with its Bodily Power it washes and cleans Nature and the Cities. Water is a double-edged sword. It both Brings into Existence and Destroys. It is a God in its Own Power. Thinking and defining Water in depth would maybe not fit into volumes of books.

However, if we can Succeed in drinking Water with our Thoughts instead of drinking it only when we are Thirsty, it can enable us to gain very different and Rich Views and Deep Thoughts.