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My Beloved Friend,

I am in the Ship to convey to You Our infinite Love. This is ALTON speaking, I am carrying a Message from ALTONA to be given to You.

Welcome to the ARAGON Ship. ( The Frequency changed. I received an influence unknown to me. The Message continued ).

One goes to the North pole from the South pole. Did You know this? There is a secret passageway between the two poles. No one knows this. When the Time comes, Mankind will discover it.

This is a Natural passageway made by Nature.

Friends who have come there from beyond Centuries have established there a communication System.

The Main door of the Passageway is in the direction of the Sun’s Focal Point.

It is on the South pole.

The temperature in this passageway is always 27 degrees.

It is a very comfortable medium. We have many Friends who work there.

In the Message We are going to give You, Friends who come from there wish to communicate with You.

One descends to the depths of Seas from secret passages.

From the partitions in the Seas, one again passes to underground passages and from there, one comes up to the North Sea from under the Gobi desert.

Special communications are made with the Scandinavian Countries. BERMUDA is another gateway into which this passageway opens. The characteristic of this gateway is that it creates a very Powerful Magnetic Medium.

An equivalent of this is in the Atlantic Ocean and it establishes the Under-Water Civilization.


Can You please tell me about BERMUDA?


This place is a very Powerful Focal Point of Natural gases. Those who enter this field are not always bothered by this Medium. In certain times of the season, these Natural gases create extremely great whirlpools.

These whirlpools pull the objects around at that moment, in themselves. This is a Natural phenomenon. However, from this tunnel of Natural gases, one enters an empty field and this is where We perform Duty.

The Attraction Power is extremely great especially in October - November - December. And the Whirlpool also occurs in July.

No one has seen that Whirlpool until today. Because, they are pulled immediately into the void. This attraction is a channel formed as a result of the Natural gasses contacting the air. From there, one can go very easily through the gateway of the Tunnel by the speed of Light.

The Gateway of the Tunnel is closed by the Automatic Systems there. And people are saved without the slightest scratch. We have numerous Terrestrial Friends who are Specially trained there.


From where do I receive this influence? Who is giving this Information?   Please explain.

( The Frequency changed. )


We have been broadcasting to Your Frequency since 3 World hours to       convey Our greetings. Only now have We been able to provide a direct connection.

You have received sections from Our broadcast. Our Purpose was to see if Your Frequency would be harmonized with Ours or not.

We are broadcasting from the Southern hemisphere, that is, from Your World. The Ufo Systems in touch with You have told Us about You. Yes now, We can communicate easily.

They say that You are carrying the Waves of the Golden Light on Yourself. We can always get in touch with those who carry this Frequency.  At the moment, We do not have any Special Message to give You. This was only a connection test. We will only say Hello from ARAGON.

I assume an Underwater Center has gotten in touch with You through the Atlantic Ocean. They are from the DRAGON Planet. We are in touch with them through the South Pole. Our goals and Our work are the same.

We serve in accordance with the same Consciousness as the Friends who come from other Planets. DRAGON and ARAGON Planets are Galaxy Systems which begin where Your Ninth Galaxy ends.

Underwater installations are perfect here. Cooperative work is performed with Friends who come from other Planets. We have also connections with many of Your Terrestrial brothers and sisters.

Very beautiful Mediums have been created in here where they can live. They work with Us on Inter-Galactic SEISMIC Research. At the moment, ALTON from the South Pole provides the connection with You.

ALTON is the representative of ALTONA. We were told that Your Galaxy was ALTONA. ALTONA is a very beautiful place. It resembles Your World. But only those who can use their Brain Energies are accepted there.

You are very tired, my Friend, Your Frequency is low.


Yes, I am tired. I would have liked very much to talk to You. Would You get in touch with me when I am not tired, or would You give me a Code cipher so that I can get in touch with You?


( The Cipher was given. )


How do You go there?


We have Bases on the North pole, on the South pole and in the Oceans. We serve in Your World. We provide the Under-water connections by Our Metal Discs. We have thousands of Discs which You call Flying Saucers, under the Water. They provide the connection with the Mother Ships.

We are responsible for the channel which connects the South pole to the North pole. Dragon and Aragon Planets work cooperatively. We are conducting a Special Research. We provide the Inter-Galactic communication by the established Systems.

We establish both direct and Indirect communications with Our Terrestrial Friends. (Of course, with those who can.)

We conduct Seismic operations. Other Galaxies, too, get in touch with You. Their communication Systems are Universal. But Ours is Private.

My Friend, You are tired, but You are still on the Screen. Rest, please. We will get in touch again.